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April, 2007

A miracle golden eagle that the National Aviary of Pittsburgh nursed back to health from near-death was released to the wild this morning. The bird flew off on strong wings from New Creek Mountain near Scherr, W.Va. The golden eagle has been fitted with a tracking device. It is expected to join other migrating golden […]

Tom “Bucky” Olguin returned home Saturday after four months of hospitalization from complications of West Nile virus. His illness was difficult to diagnose and in his case even more difficult to recover from, but he had some help from his horse. Bucky and Jackie Olguin are Casa Grande Valley residents and have two sons, 14-year-old […]

A VALUABLE American-bred Bengal cat has been reunited with his owner in Brisbane. Nicknamed Bruce, after Bruce Springsteen who wrote the hit song Born in the USA, the Bengal had been claimed by his owner Nigel Smythe who was given the cat by his employer, the RSPCA said today. A breeding pedigree male Bengal cat […]

A dog in Arkansas is helping to raise an orphaned baby squirrel. The Maltese mother named Pitty Pat has taken in an orphaned baby squirrel as her own. It started two weeks ago, when the Wootton family found the squirrel. For the first few days, the Woottons fed the squirrel by bottle. Until one occasion, […]

Over the past year, unprecedented numbers of African elephants have been slaughtered for their ivory tusks, the Washington Post reported recently. Between August 2005 and August 2006, authorities worldwide seized more than 24 tons of smuggled elephant ivory being shipped to the Far East alone, though actual poaching levels were probably much higher, according to […]

FIREFIGHTERS and a farmer came to the rescue after Merlin the pony became trapped upside down in a water-filled ditch. Tracy Morris, who looks after the 21-year-old pony, thought his days were up when she discovered him stuck in the muddy channel. However, rescuers came up with a wizard idea involving a mobile excavator, which […]

For the first time, scientists in Florida have rigged a “chat line” to the unborn calf of a deaf dolphin so the baby can learn how to speak in utero. When marine biologists rescued Castaway in November, they knew the clock was ticking. As a pregnant dolphin she needed to return to the sea to […]

Max Laughren remains modest about saving the life of a beautiful black dog named Huskers. The 15-year-old Lively resident rescued a dog from the frigid waters of Little Panache Lake Sunday, April 1 in Whitefish. Laughren, using a kayak and plenty of bravery, rode up on the ice in the kayak to save the 90-pound […]

The dogs and puppies seized Tuesday from a backyard breeder in the city are clean and on the mend at the Humane Society at Lollypop Farm. Investigators found the 28 German shepherds — including 13 puppies — living in squalid conditions at a home on Arthur Street. The dogs’ owner, Genie Schultz, 61, was breeding […]

The nest of a rare migratory bird to the UAE, the White-tailed Lapwing, was spotted in Dubai for the first time. “This indicates the bird’s successful breeding in this part of the region,” said Dr Reza Khan, Head of Dubai Zoo, who spotted the nest recently in a Rhodes grass field off Al Warsan near […]

A Hennepin County sheriff’s deputy who has a soft spot for youth has one for animals, too. Pat Harding, the liaison officer for Rogers schools, climbed into his cold water rescue suit earlier this month during the early stages of this season’s largest snowstorm to rescue a 120-pound dog stranded on the Crow River. It […]

Ever wonder whether it would be safe to approach a dog or not? Well, it seems that what lies between you and those teeth sinking into your skin, is the direction in which that tail wags. Researchers at the University of Trieste in Italy have conducted a new study on man’s best friends, and state […]

Imagine this situation: A dog is hit by a car and injured. A police officer says the dog is beyond saving, and he is going to shoot her in the head to end her suffering. Would you intervene? The dog is named Skye Bleu. Dawn Julian, her owner, got her as a sickly puppy — […]

A cat has been hailed a hero after waking up its owners as they slept, unaware their Essex home was on fire. Essex Fire and Rescue Service said the couple were in a flat in Wheatfield Way, Chelmsford, when the fire started in the living room early on Wednesday. The pet cat made so much […]

Keepers at the Joburg Zoo may have found a way to make the dosing of animals just a little easier. The keepers of the ape section, in anticipation of the need to inoculate the primates, decided to experiment on their pair of gibbons, Dodi and Glasgow, and their new baby boy. Learner keeper Faye Robinson […]

When the black-capped chickadee chirps out a warning of predators closing in, not only its closest feathered friends pay attention. The red-breasted nut hatch, another small native North American songbird, is also listening in and can interpret the finer points of the chickadees’ early warning system. “They can figure out how dangerous the predator is […]

A former equestrian and computer programmer, Adele Yunck had never trained a dog before when she took her new Australian terrier, Casey, to the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club in 1985. Casey was a wedding gift to Yunck and her husband, and Yunck hoped to competitively show her. Tramp, a flat-coated retriever, soon joined the […]

A BLACK cat lost one of his nine lives after getting stuck in 6ft railings in the Bromford region of Birmingham. After dangling for hours it was rescued with ligament damage and a fractured toe – and may need another amputated. The cat is thought to be about four and the RSPCA wants to trace […]

Everybody knows the saying “birds of a feather flock together,” and it couldn’t be anymore true when applied to the Tri-County Bird Club, whose members meet once a month to share their love and expand their knowledge of birds. The club consists of approximately 60 members from Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset counties, who have a […]

“I love dogs,” says Lilli Anglin. They’re great.” For her, dogs are more than a hobby. “They’re just part of my life, everything I do, ” adds Anglin. She spends her days and nights breeding Shiloh Shepherds at her business in Maryville. She says this type dog is not only easy to train, but likes […]

The Inca dove is a small tropical dove found in arid habitats. It can be seen in Washington County in the St. George area. The Inca dove population is expanding its range into urban areas of the Southwest, extending from Southern California to western Louisiana and southward to Costa Rica. It is a small dove, […]

A COUPLE were saved from a fire in their second floor flat after their cat alerted them to the blaze. Firefighters said the batteries had been removed from the smoke alarms in the Chelmsford property and the incident could have been far more serious had the cat not woken its owners. The couple woke their […]

The Exeter Fire Department responded to a rescue call for a dog through the ice this morning. Upon arrival, firefighters discovered a dog in the water and the dog’s owner attempting to rescue it with a boat. While firefighters prepared to rescue the dog, the boat began to sink, plunging the dog’s owner into the […]

A Chinese man says his cat can clearly pronounce his own name. Mr Sun, from Beijing, says two-year-old Agui says his name when he gets frightened. “Last year I was helping him take a bath, and he was scared of the water. After couple of ‘miaows, I heard a clear ‘Agui’,” he said. “At first […]

Wits University has just completed studies on how elephants cope with high African temperatures and how that influences their behaviour. In African savannahs, elephants are exposed to high environmental heat loads during the day and low ambient temperatures at night and yet these animals are able to cope quite adequately. Temperature plays such a big […]

A BOTTLE-NOSE dolphin nicknamed ‘Flipper’ by locals has been trapped in East Ballina’s Prospect Lake for more than a week. Marine mammal experts fear the dolphin could die if it stays in the lake much longer and have planned a rescue operation for this morning to relocate it into the nearby Richmond River estuary. Resident […]

There are only thirteen northern white rhinos left in the world. The species is hovering on the brink of extinction. But three men are pushing forward the frontiers of science to try to save them. Thomas Hildebrandt and his team, from the Berlin Institute of Zoo and Wildlife Research, are world leaders in using artificial […]

Bicref, the Biological Conservation Research Foundation, is intensifying its support of the Maltese Cetacean Research and Awareness Project with the assistance of sponsors. This year is the Year of the Dolphin according to the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and contiguous Atlantic area (ACCOBAMS). One of the sponsors, […]

It was an adoption offer Delhiites were only too eager to accept. All 32 Beagles which pharma company Ranbaxy decided to give away on Thursday found new homes in the city within hours. What the dogs were doing in Ranbaxy isn’t clear. A company spokesman maintained that the animals weren’t tested upon “We had these […]

A janitor entering a newly vacated apartment in Östra Vemmerlöv in southern Sweden found himself confronted with the strong stench of urine, horse excrement and hay. It later emerged that the man evicted for failure to pay the rent on his ground floor apartment had been living with a pony. The 77 square metre apartment […]

A plan to use Sutton’s dog walkers to sniff out antisocial behaviour is being hailed as a howling success. The scheme urges the canine’s owners to pass on information on vandalism, graffiti, antisocial behaviour and more serious crimes to the police when walking their pooches. Sergeant Jim Nicholls of St Helier’s Safer Neighbourhood Team, believes […]

A rescue dog led searchers yesterday to a 12-year-old boy scout who had been missing for four days. He was weak and dehydrated but alive, in the rugged North Carolina mountains, about a mile from the camp he had wandered away from. “He was a little disoriented, but he was great,” said Misha Marshall, the […]

MARINE experts have shepherded to safety a dolphin stranded in a small suburban lake in northern NSW. The bottlenose dolphin had entered Prospect Lake at Ballina on an incoming tide eight days ago in search of fish. But the noise and vibrations of a road bridge close to the lake’s entrance had deterred the mammal […]

Ducks and geese are on the move, shore birds are close behind and the dazzling rainbow of color that is the warbler migration is just a few short weeks away. Mid-Missouri is an avian spring wonderland with dozens of special spots to welcome the migrants for their summer stay or to greet them in passing […]

There is a theory in the field of infectious disease—the behavioral manipulation theory—that proposes that some parasites have the ability to control behavior in their hosts in a way that has the effect of increasing their efficiency of transmission. One such example is Toxoplasma infection of rodents. Toxoplasma gondii is a protozoa that reproduces in […]

To the anonymous donor who gave the money to buy about 150 puppies being sold by “puppy mill” breeders at a dog auction March 10 at Thorp in north central Wisconsin. A “puppy mill” is a term used to describe a breeding operation that focuses on its volume of dogs, as opposed to the quality […]

An unbelievable story of homeward bound for man`s best friend. One lucky pooch went missing from his Lubbock home and was found over 900 miles away in Tennessee. The owners of `Stetson` the dog say he disappeared about a month ago. They spent weeks posting flyers for the Siberian husky. And just a few days […]

There’s a happy ending to what was a sad couple of days for one little puppy in New Jersey. A pair of poodle-mixes are now back together at the “Pets and Supplies Unlimited” store in Hamilton Township. One of them was snatched from the store on Sunday afternoon. The store’s owner said a lady had […]

Warning – this story contains disturbing descriptions of animal cruelty! Two brothers who pleaded guilty to baking a puppy to death in a gas oven were each sentenced to 10 years in prison this February. Justin Moulder, 19, and Joshua Moulder, 17, both of Atlanta, pleaded guilty in January to a 10-count indictment on charges […]

More than a year of work has paid off for Rachel Monahan, 13, of Ashford. Monahan raised a dog to be a guide for the visually impaired. Ink, a black Labrador she raised for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, began a new life with companion Lonnie Williams at a Feb. 17 guide dog graduation. Monahan, […]

With his head resting on a paw, Mr. Bear sits quietly by the desk of Hernando Human Resources director Barbara Dupre. It’s 11 a.m., an hour before Dupre will head out with the fluffy 8-month-old golden retriever for lunch. Taking the dog with her everywhere is part of raising a puppy for Southeastern Guide Dogs […]

One does not expect to discover a bird species new to science while wandering around the continental United States. Nor does one expect that such a species would provide much insight into how coevolutionary arms races promote speciation. On both fronts a paper to appear in The American Naturalist proves otherwise. Julie Smith, now at […]

Gilbert’s proposed equestrian and special events center could attract tens of thousands of visitors and as many as 50 regional events each year, according to a feasibility study commissioned by the town. To do that, the town would need to build a facility that could cost as much as $25 million. “We believe that the […]

A MOTHER dolphin and her baby trapped in the Patawalonga could remain in the area for some time, experts say. In a dramatic rescue, the pair was reunited on Sunday night after being separated on different sides of the weir. Residents of Holdfast Shores apartments had seen the mother swim into the Patawalonga lake before […]

More bird species in the United States are ranging farther north and even staying there for the winter in a possible sign of adaptation to global warming, ornithologists and conservation groups say. Some indicators come from the recent Great Backyard Bird Count, which found more swallows, orioles and other common birds in uncommon locations. “We’ve […]

The Winter Equestrian Festival winds down this week, drawing to a close the most tumultuous horse season anyone can remember. It’s been exhausting. For the better part of four months, anyone affiliated with anything horsy has been on a nonstop roller-coaster ride of threats, public clashes, deadly viruses and lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits. And somewhere in […]

It’s fitting that in the city where the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776, America’s living symbol has again found a home. Wildlife authorities have found the first bald eagle nest in Philadelphia in more than 200 years. And they’re hoping the occupants will produce offspring. Pennsylvania Game Commission officials are not disclosing the […]

This list, put together by Tim Joyce of Wild Birds Unlimited in Glenview, Ill., tells you what you need to know about bird-feeding essentials. • Black oil sunflower is the one seed that attracts the widest variety of birds. • Safflower seed is disliked by grackles and starlings, yet cardinals, house finches, chickadees love it. […]

A NEW celebrity wearer of sunglasses has been causing a fuss in Hertfordshire. However, she is not a vain star looking to dodge the camera flashes of the paparazzi, but a poorly pooch who suffers from a genetic disease. Flossie, a two-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel from Redbourn, has to wear the special “doggles” because […]

Just north of Melbourne, a horse trainer is achieving astonishing results with abused and reluctant animals. His techniques are amazing and his legend is spreading. A rider once complained to Carlos Tabernaberri that he could only get his horse to do what he wanted it to do by raising a stick, defensively adding: “But I […]




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