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April, 2007

The facts are stark: On Feb. 18, Matt Bryant, Kate Hanlon, Christina Redl and Bryant’s dog, Velvet, became separated from their five companions, and fell more than 400 feet into Mt. Hood’s White River Canyon. They spent a harrowing night on the slopes of the mountain, and were rescued on Feb. 19, at 10:47 a.m. […]

A team of scientists from Russia and South Korea are teaming up to find a way to save a rare species of tiger. The amur tiger, which lives mainly in Russia’s far-east, is one of the most endangered species in Asia, with fewer than 70 living in the wild. Now, South Korean scientists have joined […]

A group offering therapeutic horse rides set up behind Great Falls Middle School on Wednesday. There was just one problem though; some of the students who were supposed to ride the animals wouldn’t come outside. “Some of them were afraid of the horses,” said Great Falls Principal Howard Rheiner. “A lot of them had never […]

Jill Feasley typically takes her golden retriever, Carina, out with her on neighborhood patrols, when she and neighbors walk the city paying attention to anything out of the ordinary. While the overly friendly pet is less for protection and more for companionship, dog walkers like Feasley are often the eyes and ears of the city’s […]

Fire officials are crediting a working smoke detector for helping to alert a woman to a blaze in her home Monday evening in Brandon, allowing her to safely escape the building with her baby. The fire, mostly contained to a bedroom in the home on Van Cortland Road, was reported around 6:20 p.m. Monday. More […]

Smokey Bear now has a partner in Clermont County: Krieger the fire dog. The 2½-year-old German shepherd can demonstrate to children how to stop, drop and roll if their clothes catch fire. Krieger also can climb a ladder, and he can hop atop a utility shed or other high structure. The dog’s repertoire of tricks […]

A bird from Indonesia that’s never been seen in Australia before, has turned up in the country’s northern city of Darwin. Birdwatchers have flown in from around the country to take a look at the rare sight. A rare Javan Pond Heron has put Australian bird enthusiasts in a bit of a flap. The bird […]

A pair of adult bald eagles has staked claim to a wooded hill overlooking Lake Michigan, preparing to make history this spring. After finishing a broad nest of large branches in a white pine in early March, they’ve been taking turns sitting on the nest for at least three weeks, indicating to observers that they […]

At first glance, Glenn and Jennifer Buehring thought the white object falling from the sky above McAlpine Street about 9 a.m. was a bag of trash. A litterbug, they initially scoffed. But when Mrs. Buehring turned her head to get a better look through the drivers’ side window of her Toyota Echo, she knew this […]

Melissa Ghosh of Dogs Against Drugs and her narcotic detector canine Cassie were at Celina Junior High School on Thursday and Friday to educate students about the dangers of drugs. Dogs Against Drugs is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to prevent substance abuse and other self-defeating behaviors by all children. Not only do Ghosh […]

A Newaygo County family got an unexpected call from the Kent County Animal Shelter this week telling them they had found their missing dog. The call was unexpected because the dog was gone for more than two years. Dillon, the pet beagle always had a tendency for sneaking off, but the last time he left, […]

Five of 17 trained dolphins rescued during Hurricane Katrina and taken to a marine mammal center in the Bahamas are pregnant, officials said Thursday. A sixth dolphin gave birth to a stillborn calf earlier this week, the Dolphin Cay center said in a statement. The dolphins were from the Marine Life Oceanarium marine park in […]

One does not expect to discover a bird species new to science while wandering around the continental United States. Nor does one expect that such a species would provide much insight into how coevolutionary arms races promote speciation. On both fronts a paper to appear in The American Naturalist proves otherwise. Julie Smith, now at […]

Ken Zywczyk is the lone male in a household of females. He has four daughters, and even his dogs, a pug named Anya and a bulldog named Millie, are females. All of his daughters ride and compete on horses, keeping dad perpetually busy. “It keeps them out of trouble,” he said of their horse hobby. […]

For certain female frogs, the high-pitched calls stimulate procreation. And for local humans lucky enough to live within ear’s reach, that “peep-peep-peep” sound rumbling inland from water’s edge has a more innocent implication: Spring is here! Known for their chorus of metrical warbles at nightfall, “spring peeper” frogs have tuned up the vocal sacs underneath […]

A group of Iowans is responsible for saving the lives of nearly twenty dogs that were scheduled to be euthanized. The dogs were to be put to sleep because their shelter in Missouri was closing. But a group of Iowans stepped in and found homes for all twelve puppies and five full-grown dogs, and made […]

National Park Service volunteer Terry Lincoln has been monitoring nesting sites for the past 11 years in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. “I started on my own time. I really enjoy hiking and camping and watching animals. I checked in with the folks at the park, asking them what I can do to help out,” said […]

Once a fox-hunting horse, Beau suffered a leg injury that forced him to embark on a second career — as a therapist. The therapy comes from the gentle rocking motion the 17-year-old flea-bitten Arabian gray makes as it ambles through a paddock, a stone’s throw from the Mississippi River at Ride On St. Louis, a […]

A baby eagle that was removed from its nest a week ago near the Orlando-Sanford International Airport has a new home on Thursday. Two full-grown eagles perched atop the nest tree as if they knew something was going on, WESH 2 News reported. The mission was to bring down the baby already in the nest. […]

A CUMBRIAN cat whose disappearance left his owners heartbroken has mysteriously returned after a six-year absence. After Biggles went missing one summer afternoon, Gillian Gibson thought the big, bushy-tailed animal may have perished. But when Gillian and her husband, David, returned from a trip to Mexico, they found the much-loved cat, now bearing a large, […]

THE world’s most endangered cat, the Iberian lynx, may be making a comeback. Five Iberian lynx were born in captivity in Andalusia in southern Spain over two days last week, reviving hopes that Spain’s increasingly successful lynx breeding program may pull the species back from extinction. A further three captive lynx are pregnant, prompting lynx […]

Rosie, Sampson and Max are important members of the Chicagoland Christian Village staff in Crown Point. They provide extremely popular therapy at the village for seniors, often persuading residents to come to physical therapy when other staff members fail to provide incentives. Rosie, Sampson and Max also have four legs instead of the two that […]

Deneen Balistere has been told by a few clients that she must be part dog. That’s a compliment to the Rochester, N.Y., native, who recently relocated to the area with her husband and has moved her dog training business here. “I guess you could say I’ve been given a gift of understanding animals and being […]

A DAD had to buy his daughter riding lessons after she heard him call £25 “a pony” – and thought she was getting one for her seventh birthday. Ellie Pearson was in tears when told that his phone chat about “sorting out that pony” was just Cockney slang for cash. Mum Sandra, 38, said: “When […]

Public works employees last week were credited with saving the life of a kitten that was caught in a storm drain. Thomas Nicholls, public works director, said a pedestrian heard the cries of the kitten on 82nd Avenue near 50th Street at about 4 p.m. She called firefighters, who just happened to be at Station […]

A dog named RC used his ample body and his straw bed to protect a two-year-old boy when the child showed up from a neighbor’s house in freezing weather. Terry Bard, the dog’s owner, said, “The baby got up and all the straw fell off his head. He was laying on top of the baby.” […]

Barbaro, the charismatic 2006 Kentucky Derby winner, thrilled racing fans everywhere with his brilliant victories on the track. But he won hearts around the world with his gallant fight for life after his breakdown in the Preakness Stakes. Barbaro: The Horse Who Captured America’s Heart chronicles Barbaro’s early days, his journey down the Triple Crown […]

The parasite Toxoplasma gondii uses a remarkable trick to spread from rodents to cats: It alters the brains of infected rats and mice so that they become attracted to—rather than repelled by—the scent of their predators. A new study reveals that rodents infected with the parasitic protozoa are drawn to the smell of cat urine, […]

Japan is a country best known for its groundbreaking technology, its unique sense of style and the wildly popular animated white cat called Hello Kitty. But are the Japanese now saying farewell to Hello Kitty? Not quite, but a growing number in this country welcome a different kind of four-legged, furry friend into their lives […]

With the help of a compassionate vet and a caring owner, Bandera, an 8-year-old German shepherd, has a new lease on life. Bandera uses a cart for her back legs because she is paralyzed by a condition called degenerative myelopathy. It’s an autoimmune disease that attacks the spinal cord, and is similar to multiple sclerosis […]

The diesel engine of Dr. Ronald Fessler’s Ford pickup truck roars as it makes it way through the back roads of Bedford County. “There’s not many of these roads I haven’t been on,” Fessler said. When he spots Steep Forest Farms, Fessler turns off the main road and travels up a hill. If you happen […]

Tiger breeders in the southern province of Binh Duong in Vietnam have said they are willing to hand over 41 tigers to the authorities. “I’m willing to hand over my tigers to the government. However, I wonder how they will be after I give them to the authorities. Will the authorities take good care of […]

The discovery of a new monkey species that’s found only in Uganda is being overshadowed by the imminent destruction of much of the animal’s habitat. Primatologist Colin Groves from the School of Archaeology and Anthropology at ANU said his analysis of the gray-cheeked mangabey (Lophocebus albigena) in the small, central African nation has revealed that […]

A confused cockatoo at a wildlife centre has spent the last two weeks trying to hatch a bowl of Easter eggs. The 17-year-old bird, called Pippa, adopted the chocolate eggs when her owner put them out just before Easter as a treat for visitors to the centre in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Thinking they were her own, […]

A rare Large-Billed Reed Warbler, thought to have been “lost” by ornithologists, has been spotted in India after 140 years. “Except for a single bird found in Sutlej Valley in Himachal Pradesh in 1867, the Large-Billed Reed Warbler has not been sighted in India since, Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), a city-based research group, said […]

LABRADOR from Woking has had her paws full since she gave birth to an unusual litter of puppies on Good Friday. After having seven boys throughout the day, proud pooch Honey was set to become the mum of a completely male litter when finally she gave birth to daughter Holly. Advertisementyour story continues below Late-arrival […]

A saga involving Dianne Atkins of Belgrade, who has been looking for Mikey, her Bernese Mountain dog, since Monday night when he was struck by a snowmobile on the Rail Trail in West Farmington, has a happy ending. The dog was found around 5:45 p.m. Wednesday as she went back over the sites searched since […]

Taz and Taser, meet Topaz and Tony. Those are just four of the 10 winning names submitted by children across Canada for the RCMP’s annual “Name the Puppy” contest for pooches learning to become canine constables. The dogs, who train at the RCMP’s facility in Innisfail, Alta., will eventually be teamed up with human partners […]

WILSON of Somerset West has an incredible story to tell about a cat rescue which will inevitably evoke mixed feelings of amusement and disbelief from her audience. For obvious reasons, dates and names are omitted to protect those involved. Towards the end of last year, Maricha, her husband Greg and two children, Monique (12) and […]

Saved from the slaughterhouse and raised to be a star – for one courageous horse in Eastover it happened in a matter of months. Three months ago Carumba was on the road headed to a slaughterhouse in Illinois when she was literally stopped in her tracks, rescued, bought right off the trailer and brought to […]

She may not be Noah and she may not have an ark, but Carlene Taylor brought plenty of animals with her when she moved to Camden County in February. Taylor, a licensed professional counselor, recently joined Family Matters Counseling in St. Marys, which offers outpatient counseling to children, adolescents and adults. However, Taylor also brings […]

Betty the cat may be only a few months old, but she’s already used up a fair number of her nine lives. The tiny tortoiseshell managed to wriggle her way into the engine bay of a Rakaia woman’s car and arrived in Ashburton 20 minutes later, singed, sore and terrified. The woman parked her car, […]

A world famous horse is helping put Arkansas on the map. When it comes to steer wrestling he’s known as one of the best horses in the business. He lives in Benton, but he spends most of his time on the road helping the cowboys who ride him bring home trophies and make a living. […]

Kari Craddock is a woman in a field traditionally dominated by men. She doesn’t mind that a bit. One of the perks of the job is getting to wear jeans, boots and no makeup to work. Craddock is a trainer who runs horses at the newly renovated Will Rogers Downs race track. “I do the […]

The Thai National Elephant Institute (TNEI) plans to offer the country’s elephant born as a result of artificial insemination to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej as a gift on his 80th birthday on December 5 this year. The male baby elephant – which is going to celebrate her one-month birthday this Saturday – is now […]

India’s Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry plans to set up a dog unit with specially trained canines to sniff optic discs to combat piracy. Deputy Minister Datuk S. Veerasingam said the plan was prompted by the uncovering of a number of optic disc piracy cases by enforcement officers using two sniffer dogs hired by […]

A bottlenose dolphin found stranded near Mile Marker 18 at Padre Island National Seashore on Saturday night by park staff has pneumonia, officials with the Texas State Aquarium said Monday. But additional tests still are needed to determine the overall condition of the 287-pound dolphin, said Sarah Paige, the aquarium’s animal husbandry director. The female […]

A bird of prey spotted flying over Larne Lough has been confirmed as the first sighting of the rare Montagu’s harrier in Northern Ireland. And the birdwatcher who caught sight of the harrier believes climate change may have played a part in bringing it to more northerly climes. It was initially thought that the bird […]

A Chinese puppy named Dudu has survived being hit by a car and then buried by his owners who thought he was dead. 7 hours after the burial the property office called Dudu’s owner to say that he was sitting outside the door of the apartment block. “I rushed out and Dudu staggered toward me. […]

Truman the Tiger is a household name to almost every Mizzou student and alumni, but what about Sulley the Tiger? It’s been almost two years since Sulley was rescued from a “photo for money” operation in Louisiana. “One of those situations where these three [tigers], including Sulley, were in a car and that was a […]




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