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April, 2007

A Siamese cat is lucky to be alive after getting stuck in a fan belt. Coco apparently climbed into the car to seek shelter from the cold. She had no time to react when the owner turned the ignition. “We got a call from the Charleston area, and someone had heard this racket,” said Bill […]

ONE of Scotland’s most enthralling wildlife spectacles debuts as the centrepiece in a new Ardnamurchan visitor attraction – and may mean a substantial economic boost for the area. Nature enthusiasts will be able to get up close and personal with golden eagles in their natural habitat among the craggy glens on the peninsula’s wild, western […]

A dog purchased by the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office in November 2006 is off to a great start. Mik began attending his K-9 basic training in January and passed his Oregon Police Canine Association just two weeks ago. He should complete his required training course at the end of the week. The dog and his […]

The first elephant born at the Louisville Zoo made his first public appearance Wednesday afternoon. A 21-year-old African elephant named Mikki gave birth to the calf last month. He was born weighing 285lbs and was 37.5 inches tall. It’s the first elephant born in the zoo’s 38-year history. The zoo is holding a contest to […]

While the peak bird migration occurs during April and May, many species have already passed through on their way to summer breeding grounds farther north. For example, of the 24 species of ducks that occur in Augusta County, only two nest in our area: wood duck and mallard. We may see a few waterfowl from […]

A cat that went berserk, jumping on its owners’ bed and meowing wildly as carbon monoxide filled a home, may have helped save a couple and their son from death. Eric and Cathy Keesling said their 14-year-old cat, Winnie, played a crucial role in saving their lives March 24 after a gasoline-powered water pump in […]

As a La Cañada resident walked across her backyard on Sunday she noticed something she had never seen before, a bobcat staring back at her. “I was just going out to do some yard work,” said Athel Herman, who lives in the 500 block of Knight Way. She first noticed her neighbor’s cat and walked […]

At least 10 nests of the highly endangered white-bellied sea eagles have been sighted in Orissa’s Bhitarkanika National Park. While four nests were sighted in the Bagagahana area of the park, about 170 km from the capital Bhubaneswar, the others were spotted in the Eakakula and Barahamundia areas, divisional forest officer Ajay Kumar Jena said. […]

A kayak was key to saving a dog’s life for a former Ontario politician’s grandson Sunday night. Max Laughren, 15, was getting ready to eat dinner at his grandfather Floyd’s when he said his mother came in panicked about a dog stranded out on the lake. “She was panicked and then ran out again,” Laughren […]

Sooner than later, one of your kids is going to throw you a disarming smile and utter the question you’ve been dreading since the day he was born. “Mom, can we get a puppy? Please?” If you’re unequivocally opposed to the idea, consider the following response: “No, Timmy, we can’t get a puppy right now. […]

A dog with a nose for smoke woke his owners early today when the family house caught fire. Ypsilanti Township Fire Capt. Brad Johnson said the dog “kind of saved the day for them” when it started barking at about 3:45 a.m. He said the dog’s owner got up to see what the problem was. […]

A PET dog was rescued when a blaze ripped through a family home. And it has been claimed that the fire caused much more damage than it should have – because firefighters had no water. Sait Tezgel, 30, returned to his home in Hillfield Avenue, Hornsey, on Monday evening to find smoke billowing from the […]

A dramatic rescue of a four-legged friend ends successfully Wednesday morning. A dog was stuck on the edge of a cliff in southern Pulaski County. Workers at a nearby welding company heard it barking and risked their lives to try to rescue her. Two people, a welder and an animal rescue assistant, clung to the […]

A puppy is recovering after being found tied up in a bin bag under some bushes. The tan and white cross-breed was found by a member of the public walking their dogs in Branston Water Park, Lichfield Road, Burton, Staffordshire. The pets began sniffing in some bushes and it was only when their owner investigated […]

Trainers Graeme Rogerson and Peter Moody have labelled the all-conquering Redoute’s Choice filly Miss Finland the ‘the best horse racing in Australia.’ At Tuesday’s barrier draw for the $2m, Group I, David Jones AJC Australian Derby (2400m) to be held at Randwick on Saturday Rogerson was in no doubt about the status of the filly. […]

One of the world’s rarest rabbits was spotted in Indonesia for just the third time in the past 35 years, underscoring the importance of conserving the region’s threatened rain forests, said a conservation group on Thursday. Two grainy images shot by a camera trap at night show the half-metre-long Sumatran striped rabbit nibbling on forest […]

FIREFIGHTERS battled for two hours to rescue a pony that was stuck in a dyke. Two people were riding in the trap being pulled by the pony along Baker’s Lane, just off Wimblington Road, March. The six-year-old black mare, called Jonah, was startled when a dog barked and ended up in the steep dyke, which […]

Bald eagle populations plummeted in the mid-20th Century, the result of mass poisoning by DDT, and long-term effects of human predation, harassment and development. Today, the resurgence of the Pacific Northwest bald eagle population rewards efforts of conservationists. “From a biological standpoint, they are not an endangered species anymore, there are enough individuals for the […]

Coast Guard helicopters are used for lots of rescues, but they’re not usually like this. A Texas man’s expensive pet bird got loose, so he climbed about 60 feet up a pine tree to retrieve it. Then they got stuck. After the man’s sister called 9-1-1, firefighters discovered they couldn’t back up their truck to […]

For those who enjoy bird watching, The Old Farmer’s Almanac All-Seasons Garden Guide suggests several bird-attracting plants. Aster: This plant’s late summer to autumn daisylike flowers develop tasty seed heads sought by cardinals, chickadees, finches, nuthatches, and many other seed eaters. Goldenrod: Goldenrod’s showy panicles of golden-yellow flowers appear from late summer to fall on […]

When it comes to bird-watching, it’s not just about binoculars and an identification guide anymore. The newest technology is used in modern-day birding — Global Positioning System units, BlackBerrys, iPods and bird-alert services. And for the not-so-faint-of-heart, there’s extreme birding, a combination of birding and roughing it in the outdoors. “(Birding) can be great exercise, […]

An adventurous baboon who left his troop in Tokai to trek across the Cape Flats, caused much consternation before he was darted on Wednesday. Jenni Trethowan who is with the baboon monitoring group Baboon Matters said it was likely the young male, called David, was searching for a new troop to join. But David encountered […]

When auto mechanic Don Doucette opened the hood of an SUV on Wednesday, he saw a fur ball staring back at him. A cat, likely, a stray, was stuck in the engine block. The owner of the vehicle brought the SUV in for servicing when she smelled a strong odor of cat urine. “I just […]

In Wednesday’s bright spot, there’s a lot of puppy love to go around at one nursing home in Cumberland County. An 8-year-old chocolate lab named Ella along with a 10-week-old black lab-golden retriever mix Casey are temporary residents at Green Ridge Village in Newville. A cat also roams the halls there. The animals were brought […]

THIS is Lucky, the four-week-old kitten taken from from his mother and rescued with only 24 hours to spare. Now the RSPCA is to step up security after two women called at the RSPCA shelter, in Redcross Street, on Saturday afternoon and immediately took an interest in the tiny kitten. They were told he was […]

BIRD-LOVER Robert Knox is in a right flap after his beloved red-tailed buzzard made a bolt for freedom. The hefty bird of prey, named Inca, streaked into the sky after being scared by a motorbike near Welham Green woods last Sunday. And even though his feathery friend has been spotted a few times over the […]

A Brooklyn man accused of dog-napping a litter of pit bull puppies in Stapleton over the weekend could face up to 15 years in the pound. Cops say Joshua McKinney, 20, kicked in the front door of Jeanette Roman’s Canal Street home Saturday afternoon, wrapped seven 3-day-old pit bulls in a blanket and ran. Ms. […]

A tiny kitten cheated death after he was snatched from his foster mother at an animal shelter. RSPCA staff in Rochdale have now named him Lucky after he was rescued dehydrated and with less than 24 hours to live. Security is to be stepped up at the Redcross Street shelter after two women showed an […]

A half dozen balls of fluff sat in the glass enclosure at ZooQuatic Pet Center in Christiansburg on Wednesday morning. The puppies pawed at the glass, all but saying, “Pick me.” They rolled on their backs, exposing soft, pink tummies primed for rubbing. They were cute. They were fuzzy. They looked like the perfect thing […]

The most haunting part of the sad, gruesome, middle-of-the-night scene on Interstate 44 was how quiet things were. A double-decker horse trailer en route to an Illinois slaughterhouse had crashed and was perched on its side. Forty-one horses were trapped in the mangled wreckage. Yet when Earlene Cole arrived, there was little noise beyond the […]

Goeldi’s monkeys are endangered. They are native to South America and considered to be a relatively “new” monkey. No one knew anything about them until 1904 when a man named Emilio Goeldi discovered them. Azee and Cinco seem to be very happy living with each other at the Denver Zoo. They arrived here last fall. […]

From her home, a woman watched a tragic situation unfold before her eyes, but then she saved an animal’s life. Daniel Dexter Darling Jr., an ex-con, is facing charges of animal cruelty, police said. Darling’s neighbor, Kelly Ann Vanvoorde, said she saw, Floosie, a 1-year-old Jack Russel Terrier, in a cage on Darling’s balcony on […]

You can’t put a dollar value on a pet owner’s love for their cat or dog. But that’s exactly what the Streetsville, Ontario, pet food company Menu Foods faces in reimbursing local owners of animals who ate contaminated pet food linked to the deaths and illnesses of animals across the country. Dolores and Robert Weise’s […]

Lynn DeKrey got interested in saving golden retrievers when she saw a group’s booth at a dog show, but she never thought she would be doing it three months after signing up. DeKrey, of Steele, was among volunteers who helped take 83 goldens from the Apple Creek Kennel last weekend. They were removed from longtime […]

The Senate on Tuesday approved a bill intended to help finance a 7,000-seat equestrian center in Lewis County. A change adopted by the lawmakers would also allow Federal Way to raise money for a performing arts center, however, sending the bill back to the House for a second approval. The proposed facility in Lewis County, […]

SARATOGA SPRINGS * Two local organizations are going to the dogs. Fundraisers for HOPE Animal Rescue and AIM Services Inc. will be held on April 21 and 22, respectively. Walkers don’t have to bring a dog to participate in either event, but well-behaved pooches are welcome at both. All dogs must be leashed and have […]

The twin brothers have never served in the military, but they said they felt a patriotic call to duty Friday when they discovered “America’s bird” was in peril. Joe and Jon Barbara, 51, found a bald eagle in Erie on Good Friday and transferred it to Monroe raptor specialists Dave and Scott Hogan for rehabilitation […]

Fire officials say three people were inside a home at 3506 Hillcroft Ave. SW in Wyoming, when the fire started just after 4:00 Sunday morning. The family dog woke everyone up, getting them all out safely. Family members say there are smoke detectors with batteries inside the home, but they did not go off. The […]

Last summer, a local equestrian camp served as the setting for an upcoming children’s book about the Pony Express. Robert Gould and Kathleen Duey collaborated with Miller Equestrian Services, a training stable in northern Escondido, to shoot pictures for “Pony Express,” the latest book in their “Time Soldiers” series (published through Gould’s Carlsbad-based Big Guy […]

A quick-acting 14-year-old boy most likely saved a dog’s life and kept a house from being devoured in flames Friday. Michael Statler was playing basketball with a friend in the driveway of his grandmother’s residence in the 2000 block of Dresden Avenue when he noticed flames in the living room window of a house across […]

On the prowl for a purr-fect weekend outing? Head over to the Springfield Exposition Center Saturday and Sunday for the ultimate cat’s meow. Courtesy of the Lakes Country Cat Fanciers organization, it’s the 12th annual Cat Show. Whether you’re a cat fancier, breeder or owner, this is most definitely the place to be, says Gail […]

Seven puppies stuck in a Dallas storm drain are safe after quick action by Operation Kindness. The rescue workers pulled seven puppies out of the drain before the rain moved in Monday afternoon. The six-week-old Boxer-Terrier mix puppies are now safe and in good condition. The drama unfolded over the weekend when three girls noticed […]

First-grade students at Flippin Elementary School Thursday didn’t horse around during a reading program on the school grounds. Horse owner and Mountain Home resident Bonnie Smith walked about 50 students through a “first touch” event featuring a horse and a pony acting as equine characters from the world of books. The event and a follow-up […]

The world’s oldest horse breed, the Arabian epitomizes equine versatility, participating in all disciplines of English, Western, dressage, driving, and in-hand horse show classes. Flight Without Wings: The Arabian and the Show World chronicles the essential qualities and capabilities needed for success in every Arabian show division. It shares sound advice from top trainers and […]

She outlasted two thunderstorms, half a dozen firemen and her very worried owner, but now, we’re happy to report the “Echo” in Minden can finally be held and not just heard. Echo is the cat that stayed in a tree for 13 days. That’s the longest anyone here has ever experienced. Sandra Byerly has never […]

Formed in 1996 by founder Judy Quinliven,and operated out of her house iRecycled Critter Rescue (RCR) is a small shelter in Northglenn, developed from a need to save healthy, good natured cats and dogs from certain death. Whether on the street or in a shelter, the likely end for most of these animals is an […]

Filly is young female bottlenose dolphin from Sarasota Bay. The dolphin was first spotted back in December of 2006 and had a fishing line trailing her tail. A month later Filly was seen again still with the fishing line but not algae had attached to the line. This was causing an additional drag and making […]

A beloved dog has been found, nine days after being stolen by burglars from a home in Bolingbrook. Officials in Bolingbrook told CBS 2 West Suburban Bureau Chief Mike Puccinelli Saturday morning that the pug named Pixie had been returned. Burglars broke into the home last Thursday and stole Pixie, along with a computer and […]

One Valley kitten had a happy ending Friday afternoon thanks to a group of caring schoolchildren and firefighters at Challenger Charter School in Glendale. According to Daniel Valenzuela of the Glendale Fire Department, the children were outside the school at the beginning of the day when they heard a faint mewing from a kitten stuck […]

PET lover Paul Bennett got the shock of his life weeks after taking his new male cat home. For Gadget, a ‘neutered male’ cat bought from Leigh Animal Sanctuary gave birth to kittens weeks later. Paul took the rescue cat, to the vets when its stomach became swollen, fearing it was sick only to be […]




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