Happy news about animals

March, 2007

A hamster trapped in a kitchen pipe was eventually rescued by being sucked up on the end of a vacuum cleaner. Henry got stuck in a pipe measuring almost 4in (10cm) wide and 4ft (1.2m) deep at a house in Tamworth, Staffordshire. After the RSPCA failed to reach him, help was sought from two council […]

Students at Pacific Coast Charter School were given a lesson Tuesday in environmental conservation. Glenn Stewart, a research associate with the Predatory Bird Research Group at UC Santa Cruz, did most of the talking, but all eyes were fixed on his assistant, Curtis. Curtis is a 6-year-old peregrine falcon raised in captivity. Stewart and the […]

IN THE old days they were known as ‘poodle parlours’, but nowadays dog grooming takes place in ‘canine beauty salons’ with highly-experienced groomers. One such canine beauty parlour is Wagtails on Morecambe’s Yorkshire Street – heaven for dog lovers like me. I don’t have a dog of my own, but I would love to have […]

If you’re looking for a good pet companion, think old – consider adopting one with a little gray hair, maybe to match your own. Puppies and kittens, although irresistible at first sight, can be a handful. Soiled carpet, chewing, whining, and jumping are just some of the behavior challenges new owners may confront. “Many times, […]

A Quaker parrot named Bobber, who weighs less than a quarter pounder, rules the roost in my house. Every gram of bird is manipulative. Right now, Bobber is feigning illness. He wants to go to the bird hospital, a place I call the spa. Life there includes sunning to music, high-class human and avian companions […]

Scientists conducting the first-ever South American river dolphin census have sighted hundreds of dolphins, raising hopes about the survival of some of the endangered species’ populations. The survey counted 520 dolphins — 321 grey (Sotalia fluviatilis) and 199 pink (Inia geoffrensis) — during a 294-kilometre voyage down the Amazon, Atacuari and Javari rivers in Colombia, […]

Bangladeshi demolition workers have deployed a new heavyweight tool to get rid of illegally constructed buildings. Suffering from a shortage of tools and heavy equipment, city chiefs recruited a circus elephant to come to the aid of workers in the city of Barisal. The animal rapidly reduced the illegal properties to rubble, carrying out the […]

San Diego’s Wild Animal Park has a new elephant in its herd. A 17-year-old African elephant gave birth to a male calf Sunday. Images taken by park staff Monday morning show the calf is healthy, but not too steady on his feet yet. That’s a normal development according to park staff. The calf’s muscles are […]

An Alaskan husky puppy dog is back at home with his 8-year-old owner, Friday, but Orlando police want to talk with the cruel man who stole it last weekend. The boy was walking Snowy on Cava Alta Drive on Sunday night, when a man came up, pulled the puppy off its leash, jumped into a […]




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