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March, 2007

SashaCat died March 3 after 20 years of mousing, snoozing in the sun, chasing bigger cats and even bigger dogs and demanding only the smelliest of cat foods — as well as broccoli, cinnamon rolls and tofu. My daughter was 17 when she brought the stray home from a vet’s office in Los Angeles. In […]

A horse that fell into a ravine in Carmel Valley has been rescued. The accident happened after 4 p.m. Friday at Carmel Country and Carmel Mountain roads. The horse was walking across the ravine when he lost his footing and fell backward into the ravine, according to reports. Crews used shovels to dig the horse […]

It has been more than 21 days since the last horse left the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center (EMC) in Leesburg, VA, prior to a report of neurological equine herpes virus-1 (EHV-1) on the premises. On Tuesday, March 13, State Veterinarian Dr. Richard Wilkes announced that, except for four quarantined premises, the state’s horse […]

South Korean Sara Choi wasn’t planning to stay in Taiwan when she came to study Mandarin years ago, but her love for cats and frustration about the treatment of stray cats here eventually led her to settle down in Taipei and launch a campaign to help them. At first she took in stray cats she […]

Going to the hospital can be a scary and painful experience for keiki, but some young patients at Kapiolani Medical Center are now greeted with a wagging tail and a fury hug. KHNL News 8 found out about this through a Talk Story Email. Don’t be surprised if you see a dog trotting through the […]

SOUTH Africa‘s national bird has paid a surprise visit to the Port Elizabeth beachfront. Arnold Slabbert, chairman of the wildlife conservation NGO Wildline, said yesterday he had received a call on Sunday to say a blue crane was “wandering around 6th Avenue in Walmer”. Because he was in Cape Town, he was unable to respond […]

Three abandoned tiger cubs are being nursed by a pig at a zoo in China. The three Begal tigers reportedly enjoy their playtime with their piglet foster brothers and sisters. A spokesman for Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park, in Guangzhou City, said the cubs were rejected by their mother. “We tried many ways, including bottle feeding, […]

A RESCUE mission has been launched to save one of Britain’s most threatened birds. The twite, also known as the Pennine finch, is a small brown bird that lives mainly in mountainous areas of Scotland. But it can also be spotted darting around the moors of Rochdale and Oldham. Since 1990 numbers have declined by […]

Once again, two German scientists have artificially inseminated a Woodland Park Zoo elephant in hopes of producing a second offspring from Chai, now 28. It’s the fourth time over the past two years that Chai, an Asian elephant, has undergone insemination. She became pregnant last year, but lost the pregnancy at an early stage, the […]

A NEW police initiative called Horse Watch has been launched to prevent stable and livery crime. Launched by Avon and Somerset Constabulary, the scheme advises horse owners on the security of livery yards, the marking of horses, ponies and all associated tack, trailers and boxes. It will also offer help and support to victims of […]

A HORSE was saved from a distressing death by good Samaritans and firefighters in Lydiard Millicent. About 20 people came to the aid of Paul Garside, who found his horse stuck in a bog between huge straw bales and a fence. The 32-year-old stallion, called Bikon, was lying in an awkward position on his side, […]

The National Aviary announced today that it brought a “miracle” golden eagle back from the brink of death and will release the bird back to the wild next week. The 3-year-old male golden eagle was found Jan. 5 in West Virginia caught in a leg trap meant for coyotes. The trap had cut through the […]

The rare pygmy rabbit is not much bigger than your hand, which explains in part why it’s so rare: bigger animals like to eat it. Now, it’s making a comeback. Twenty of them were released yesterday in a remote wildlife reserve in central Washington. They’re the product of a captive breeding program run by Washington […]

A lot of love and an outpouring of support are being felt half way around the world. A 5-month-old puppy named Bear is making an unprecedented journey from Afghanistan to her new home at Fort Bragg. Bear was adopted by Staff Sergeant Steven Radloff of Waukegan. He and his Army unit rescued her from a […]

Sources said a dog owned by a family in central Vietnam gave birth to an unusual puppy, with a big head and a muzzle over 6cm like an elephant’s trunk ended by two drooping nostrils nearly flapping its mouth. Rumor has it that a female dog belonging to Phan Ba Dung in Quang Nam province’s […]

Planning and worrying about the future has always been considered an exclusively human activity, but now at least one species of bird has also been found to plan for tomorrow. The finding, from scientists supported by the Swindon-based Biotechnology And Biological Sciences Research Council, also raises the intriguing possibility that, like humans, birds may get […]

Alex Haywood didn’t know much about birds before a special project began at his school. Now the fourth-grader has learned a lot about the feathered critters – and looks forward to learning more. “I like the bird project because … now I am having a terrific time learning about different birds, their habitats and what […]

Rescue workers from Horsham Fire Station and a specialist animal rescue unit based at Storrington Fire Station were called to the pond in a field at Bashurst Hill, Itchingfield at 14:29 yesterday afternoon, after witnesses reported a mare was “lying down in the water” and “drowning”. Onlookers and the owner of the field held the […]

Schoolgirl Amy Morris is to realise her dream of swimming with dolphins and riding a rollercoaster for the first time. Because she was born with a rare heart defect, the 12-year-old twice needed emergency surgery and had a pacemaker fitted to her original heart before, in October 2003, she received a life-saving transplant. On Saturday […]

A man jumped into Lake Michigan near Montrose Harbor to save his puppy, but quickly found he needed help himself Saturday. The man, in his 20s, was rushed to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center after firefighters helped him and his puppy out of the water, Fire Media Affairs Director Larry Langford said. Firefighters got extra […]

As the director of Senior Services, Inc., in Winston-Salem, I often hear stories of independence, ingenuity and perseverance on the part of older adults, such as the story told to me by a Meals-on-Wheels volunteer about one of his feistiest recipients. Mrs. Taylor was a proud woman in her late 80s with multiple health problems. […]

Dolphin tagger extraordinaire Don Hammond went to the Bahamas last week looking to catch and tag dolphin for the Dolphin Tagging Research Project he heads. What he didn’t catch was a break in the weather while fishing out of Highborne Cay in the southeastern Bahamas aboard Makara with Capt. Tom McMurray at the helm. The […]

A flight was delayed for several hours after a tiny bird flew into the cockpit of the plane and refused to leave. The bird came in through an open door of the plane as passengers boarded at the Ben Gurion Airport, near Tel Aviv. All 178 passengers of the Israeli airline EL Al flight to […]

FIREFIGHTERS rescued a kitten which got stuck in the inside of a van’s dashboard. The kitten, believed to be around two months old, had crawled free of a box it was being transported in. It then crawled under the dashboard of the van. The kitten’s owner drove to East Greenwich fire station, Woolwich Road, Greenwich, […]

In the Venkatapuram vIllage in Andhra Pradesh (in India), a monkey is performing unique duties. He is being treated as a trusted member of the family of a shepherd and is taking care of the goats. The monkey named Anji not only leads the goats but also brings them back. The goats have become the […]

The Los Angeles Zoo‘s oldest elephant is poised to live out her remaining days at an animal sanctuary in central California after years of lobbying by animal activists for her retirement to a preserve. Activists have long pressed officials to retire Ruby to a sanctuary, saying elephants simply don‘t have enough space at the zoo. […]

A CHANGE in climate could be the cause of the early arrival of orange-bellied parrots to the south-west. Co-ordinator for the South West Orange-Bellied Parrot Working Group, Dianne Davis, said one of the rare birds was spotted with a flock of blue-winged parrots on a property at Killarney last week. The birds nest in Tasmania […]

Birds may be able to fly vast distances without getting lost because of sensors in their beaks, according to a study. German scientists said they found tiny iron oxide crystals in the skin lining of the upper beak of homing pigeons, laid out in a three-dimensional pattern that might help the birds to read the […]

A mini tourism boom has been created in Darwin by a bird that may have been blown in from Indonesia by cyclone George. Local bird watchers say enthusiasts are flying in from all over Australia hoping to catch a glimpse of a single javan pond-heron that has taken up residence in a drain in Darwin’s […]

Bird-watching is the second-most popular outdoor hobby and the fastest growing of all outdoor recreational activities in the U.S., involving about 70 million, according to Don and Lillian Stokes, authors of the Stokes Nature Guide series of books. Longtime Sandy resident Donna Thorum got hooked in the 1960s when she started throwing crumbs out on […]

A Jacksonville man’s best friend recently gave birth to 13 puppies. Jeff Godbold has been breeding Boxers for three years and that the dogs usually give birth to about six puppies. So, the baker’s dozen his 3-year-old Roxy gave birth to on Tuesday was quite a surprise. “I thought I was done at nine, but […]

A cat has been rescued after being found trapped under concrete steps at a school. The feline was found under the steps at the Tanbridge House School in Horsham on Sunday night and the RSPCA was called and the West Sussex Fire and Rescue came out to help. RSPCA animal collection officer Steve Wickham tried […]

Scientists have discovered an entirely new species of cat – the clouded leopard – found on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) said Tuesday. The secretive rainforest animal was originally thought to be the same species as the one found in mainland South-East Asia, it said. However, “genetic research […]

After rescuing a cat that had been trapped in a Ninth Street sewer since Monday, a group of animal rescue advocates, neighborhood residents, and Bayonne city workers were puzzled yesterday when they heard meows coming from the same sewer moments later. It turned out that another cat was trapped in the sewer along with the […]

IT was lucky for Beethoven that Kingaroy ambulance officer Travis Comello didn’t mind dog’s breath. If he had, the lively little collie would not be here today. Mr Comello, a patient transport officer, went above and beyond the call of duty to give the kiss of life to Beethoven recently when the dog choked while […]

You’ve heard of dogs who can track down suspects or find drugs with their noses. Dogs can be trained to provide all sorts of assistance to human beings. This one sniffs out diabetes in its owner. Like most 8-year-olds, Nolan Peters loves playing ball with his dog. But, his black lab is more than just […]

A young beagle stranded on a mountain ledge proved a bark can be better than a bite by repeatedly howling until help arrived. A six-man team from the Blount County Fire Department trekked two hours through thick undergrowth on Tuesday to reach a ridge 30 feet above the dog near the Foothills Parkway, bordering the […]

After deciding to jump into the Grand Haven channel Wednesday afternoon, a dog needed help from the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety to get out. The dog was being walked around 5:30 p.m. in front of the American Legion when it jumped into the water after some ducks, according to police. When police arrived, […]

Alaskan author Pam Flowers made a two day-plus car trip to South Lyon for one reason — the kids. “I really like to do this because afterward the kids send you letters, and a couple kids will say ‘You inspired me,’” Flowers said. “It makes me feel good to have that affect.” Flowers will speak […]

Firefighters responding to a call for help rescued a dog who fell in a sewer. Britney Welter and her friend were both walking their dogs when the 4-year-old black Lab fell down an open sewer in the Cook County Forest Preserve in Oak Forest. The girls told police they were running from coyotes when the […]

Since undergoing surgery to correct his paralysis, Opie has been staying at the Florida Veterinary Specialists and undergoing daily physical therapy sessions on an underwater treadmill. The sessions start with Opie’s team of physical therapists hoisting his body into a large tub. They turn the water on, and let it come up to Opie’s neck. […]

Research has shown that dogs can help people recover from illness or injury. That’s why therapy dogs are being used more and more, but one special dog is helping in a different way. An accident more than a year ago left Hans the dachshund paralyzed, but don’t tell him that. Lynn Mell is recuperating from […]

Michael Lariviere rattles off a long list of places he has traveled hoping to see bald eagles. “Yellowstone, all over the Washington State area, Mount Rainier, all through Montana, Rocky Mountain National Park, Yosemite. My wife and I travel all over the country. We’ve got pictures of elk, moose, grizzly bears, all kinds of hawks.” […]

Moncton’s most famous animal resident seems to be rallying back from a terminal illness. Tomar, a Siberian tiger, was diagnosed earlier this year with kidney failure and given only weeks to live. Veterinarian Dr. Andre Saindon said Wednesday the big cat at the Magnetic Hill Zoo is showing an unexpected improvement. “Well, he has surprised […]

Home-buyers of tomorrow could find themselves walking across floors made from manure. That’s no cow pie-in-the-sky dream, according to researchers at Michigan State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They say fiber from processed and sterilized cow manure could take the place of sawdust in fiberboard, which is used to make everything from furniture […]

Thanks to a quick-thinking motorist, more than three-dozen volunteer firefighters and a backhoe, Santana, an 8-year-old horse, is back on his feet after a rescue from being trapped under thick ice in a small pond in Rutland Town. “He’s pretty nervous,” Amy Webster, Santana’s owner, said as she petted her horse’s mane moments after he […]

HE should have been in India or the Ivory Coast – but this chirpy little chap landed in deepest Irlam. Birdwatchers flocked to rural Salford to catch a glimpse of the first ever desert wheatear to appear in Greater Manchester. The species is spotted in Britain in spring – but only once or twice a […]

Sometimes an animal can make a big difference in a human’s life. CBS 11 News was introduced to Owly, an Alaskan bird who won a national award and the woman who’s stuck by him for many years. Owly is a very special Alaskan bird. “You’re beautiful, you’re showing your wings. Isn’t that nice,” said Barbara […]

Bird watchers are flocking to a state park in the southeastern United States to view a species discovered for the first time on U.S. soil. In Miami, VOA’s Brian Wagner reports that experts believe the Loggerhead Kingbird may have arrived from Cuba. South Florida is home to immigrants from across Latin America and other parts […]

To the casual observer, the numerous breeds of domestic dogs would seem to have reached the acme of diversity by a single species. There are about 400 breeds of purebred dogs, though the American Kennel Club recognizes only about 162. Those who watched the recent telecast of the Westminster Club’s dog show from Madison Square […]




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