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March, 2007

If Hogle Zoo’s plans to jump-start an elephant pregnancy are successful, it could be years before officials will be able to identify the father. German animal insemination experts made two attempts to set Christie down the road of motherhood as part of a national species conservation project, zoo spokeswoman Holly Braithwaite said. It will be […]

There is a special something that happens in the soul when a human looks up to see an eagle soaring. Some American Indian cultures are built around eagles and the American founding fathers made the bald eagle the symbol of the country, despite the contrary opinion of Benjamin Franklin. Now comes word that Sussex County’s […]

Another report of a mysterious black panther, roaming a densely wooded area in western Upshur County. The latest sighting of a reported black panther is in an area off of Highway 154 near Rhonesboro, in an area called Raintree Lake.In a remote wooded area called Raintree lakes, residents are unnerved by the night time yowls […]

An environmental group said Tuesday it had captured a “monster” toad the size of a small dog. With a body the size of a football and weighing nearly 2 pounds, the toad is among the largest specimens ever captured in Australia, according to Frogwatch coordinator Graeme Sawyer. “It’s huge, to put it mildly,” he said. […]

A dog in China, given a drug used for treating human erectile problems, had to be hospitalized after mating with three females in a single day. The dog was given intravenous drip in a hospital in Sichuan, reports the China Daily. Its owner, who considers her pet good looking, had been offering the dog’s services […]

Be-Lona is starting to get used to standing on her own two feet — the only bad thing is, she’s used to four. The 11-year-old sheep dog has had some medical problems recently and because of those problems she lost the use of her two hind legs. Although the dog is small for a sheep […]

No running or jumping for six weeks. But then Scooby should be his old self again, thanks to a pacemaker for dogs. The 6-year-old black Lab was fainting from a heart blockage and given just weeks to live. But then his owners learned about the University of Florida’s Veterinary Medical Center, which inserted the pacemaker […]

Toby, a 2-year-old golden retriever, saw his owner choking on a piece of fruit and began jumping up and down on the woman’s chest. The dog’s owner believes the dog was trying to perform the Heimlich maneuver and saved her life. Debbie Parkhurst, 45, of Calvert told the Cecil Whig she was eating an apple […]

Timothy Duncan house-trained Archie, a shepherd mix, and taught him how to sit. But Duncan isn’t a suburban dog owner who might be spotted taking his pet for a walk around the block. Instead, Duncan is an inmate at the Maine Correctional Center, and Archie is a participant in the Paws in Stripes program that […]

An Exeter, New Hampshire woman who tried to save her dog from the icy Exeter River ended up having to be rescued herself. Susan Henderson called the Fire Department, then grabbed a neighbor’s boat and went into the river on Wednesday to try to save her golden retriever, Zacharias, who had fallen through the ice. […]

Wild Adventures is welcoming its newest cast member, although this one is a bit wilder than usual. And it eats significantly more too. It’s a tiger cub, and at 17 weeks this baby boy is weighing in at almost 30 pounds. When fully grown this Siberian Bengal mix will weigh up to 700 pounds and […]

Developers and wildlife officials are keeping an eagle-eye on a bird nest that might hinder construction plans at the former Philadelphia Navy Yard. The first bald eagle nest in the city in more than 200 years is on a South Philadelphia site targeted for a $150 million wholesale produce market and a massive maritime terminal. […]

Have you noticed the change in the air? Spring officially has arrived with the Vernal Equinox, and you don’t need a calendar to tell you. The birds in your backyard tell you with their song. The quiet of a winter day is due partly to the absence of bird song. During the non-breeding portion of […]

A mouse munched its way through thousands of pounds worth of cash after managing to find its way inside a cash machine in a bank in Estonia. The animal was found inside the machine after a customer withdrew some money and got partly-eaten banknotes outside the bank in the capital Tallinn. Bank security experts are […]

The African elephant born Sunday at the Louisville Zoo continues to bond well with his mother, Mikki, zoo officials said today. The baby is nursing every two hours and exploring his new surroundings more and more each day, they said, adding that he appears to be a quick learner. “The bonding is going very well,” […]

Sandy residents Jeremy and Tracie Johnson were pleasantly surprised last month when their purebred Chihuahua, Lacy, gave birth to six puppies. The first three puppies were born naturally, and the other three required a C-section at the Sandy Animal Clinic on Thursday, Feb. 1, because one pup was larger than the rest. “She had a […]

A man was convicted of stealing a rare monkey from a British zoo based on blood spilled during a unified attack by the animal’s fellow primates. Marlon Brown was convicted Friday of stealing “SpongeBob” the monkey from the Chessington World of Adventures. Police linked his blood to that of the robber’s found at the scene […]

A hungry horse managed to open the door of a caravan to get a bite to eat, but managed to trap himself inside. The two-year-old Welsh cob, Triple Five, smelled food in the touring caravan – which is used as a food store – and decided to have a snack. Using his teeth, the stallion […]

Jean Wolf’s 10-acre farm off Buffalo Road became a swine sanctuary on Saturday. Wolf opened her barn doors to nearly 100 pot-bellied pigs that she helped rescue from an Upper Peninsula foreclosed farm whose owner was evicted for not paying back taxes. The piglets, boars and sows, many underweight and a few injured, traveled 500 […]

Troubled children in a secure Child, Youth and Family unit in Lower Hutt are learning empathy and life skills in a unique programme involving SPCA puppies, kittens and rabbits. Just call him BigShow. That’s his tag-name, but if he writes it on any of the walls in this secure unit in Lower Hutt, he’ll have […]

JoJo has raised three sets of cubs, feeding them, keeping her babies and their surroundings clean and teaching them to take care of themselves. Her fourth cycle of parenthood has been more of a challenge for the Sumatran tiger mom. “She’s a great tiger,” said Kelly Helmick, the Woodland Park Zoo’s interim director of animal […]

Wait for them to cross and do not honk at them or they could come after you, warns a government official to highway users about elephants reportedly straying onto a main Malaysian highway. Natural Resources and Environment Ministry Parliamentary Secretary Sazmi Miah said motorists honking at elephants could trigger a rampage, state Bernama news agency […]

The Calgary Fire Department’s Aquatic Team was called on to make an unusual water rescue Sunday afternoon in the area of the Bearspaw Dam. The Department’s Deb Bergeson says the Silver Spring Station got a call about a dog in the river. She says divers were sent in to bring the pooch to shore. Despite […]

What once was lost has now been found, and Brendan Awe is anxious no more. Beau, the constant companion and helpmate for the 16-year-old boy, was returned to Brendan’s side Saturday afternoon after a fellow dog lover realized that the chocolate Labrador found wandering along N.C. 53 a week ago was the same service dog […]

They’ve given her love, medical treatment, food and a home. Most importantly, they’ve given her hope for a new and better life. Prompted by her eldest son, Nick Foughty, Niki Wright and her boyfriend, Jeff Freeh, recently took in a malnourished, sickly and abandoned dog they found on the side of a Perry County road […]

A dog is being credited with saving a family after a small fire broke out in a home early Monday, firefighters said. Battalion Chief Bruce Griswald said the dog woke up a child after fire broke out in the kitchen of a home on the 600 block of Northwest Fourth Avenue around 5 a.m. The […]

Bird festivals have become increasingly popular in Washington, a chance to mingle with experts, see birds that can be added to your life list and get outside after this winter’s challenging weather. One of the most jam-packed festivals is the Sandhill Crane Festival, a great gathering that gives folks a look at the cranes, which […]

You could argue that a birdhouse lends so much charm and even color to a garden that it doesn’t need feathered tenants to make us happy. But how much more satisfying it is to have songbirds around, and to see them flitting back and forth in May with insects for their young, knowing that you […]

The Inaugural Fiesta California Pure Spanish Horse and Exhibition Horse Show will begin at 9 a.m. daily March 22-24 at CRC Ranch in Temecula. Daily admission is free. In addition, there will be exciting exhibitions of the amazing horses at 6:30 p.m. on March 24. These glorious breed, also known as the Pura Raza Espanola, […]

First species of bear returns to Zoo after 40 years For the first time in 40 years, North American black bears (Ursus americanus) are again on exhibit at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Two female bears recently arrived at the Zoo from the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha and are adapting well to their new home. The […]

Who would have ever thought that cat litter would be available in so many different varieties, scents, strengths and styles? Before 1947, most indoor cats had litter boxes that were filled with sand, dirt or ashes. You can imagine the mess made by a cat exiting a litter box full of ash, then tracking it […]

Homes are likely to be found for two little puppies whose mother was abandoned when she was pregnant. Rosco and Bosco were born at Dungannon Council pound in County Tyrone after their mum, Copper, was picked up as a stray by the dog warden. The mother, a Harrier Hound, delivered a litter of 10 puppies […]

A dairy cow nearly upstaged Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart on Friday. Navajo Elementary School pupils snared a visit from Leinart, the grand prize from a statewide breakfast contest sponsored by the Dairy Council of Arizona. But it was Daisy the Dairy Cow that caused a mob scene among pupils minutes before Leinart’s appearance. Leinart, […]

Bird enthusiasts from around the world are taking a holiday in Australia to catch a glimpse of a bird which seems to have been blown off course. Cyclone George is being blamed for forcing the Javan pond-heron in the wrong direction which saw it land in Darwin, Australia instead of its native Indonesia. The arrival […]

Recent births make koala parents among the most prolific in the country Two koala joeys are just starting to explore the world outside their mothers’ pouches at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The furry little marsupials still stay close to their moms, but Zoo guests may catch a glimpse of them playing, napping or nibbling on eucalyptus […]

If all dogs really do go to heaven, their final resting place would probably involve lots of tasty treats, squeaky toys and mailmen to chase, among other doggie favorites. But nowadays, a pooch’s paradise is not far from Earth. Today, pet owners can buy just about any toy, goody or gadget that suits their furry […]

Wildlife authorities have found the first bald eagle nest in the city in more than 200 years, the Pennsylvania Game Commission said Friday. Officials are not disclosing the exact location of the nest to avoid disturbing the site, but agency personnel and volunteers are monitoring it closely, the commission said. ÒWe don’t know if the […]

Would it surprise you to learn that some of the favorite places to watch birds in Costa Rica are at small roadside eateries? In the central mountain range north of San José, on the highway between Vara Blanca and San Miguel, sits the Mirador de la Catarata San Fernando, meaning balcony overlooking the San Fernando […]

Saratoga County could broaden its agricultural and equestrian economies, save green space and increase tourism by building a New York Horse Park, say advocates who are pitching their plan anew. The county is a natural choice for a horse park because it has the most horses in the state and a history of equine-related activities, […]

It’s a new year, a new tradition and a new furry forecaster for Groundhog’s Day 2007 at the North Carolina Zoo. Alas, Murphy, the zoo’s famous groundhog weatherman, has gone on to that great animal prognosticators’ home in the sky. But Gertie, an interim replacement on loan to the zoo’s Schindler Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, will […]

Cats are subtle. This, of course, is the whole point, say their fawning humans. Disdainful of the panting, pawing, woofing neediness of that other species with which they often share domiciles, cats generally are the proverbial still streams. But when they are sick, these consummate stoics also can lead lives of quiet desperation that go […]

A JCB was used to rescue a New Forest pony that became trapped on its back in a deep muddy ditch. Firefighters from New Milton and Eastleigh rushed to Eagles Wood Farm at Sway when stable workers raised the alarm after finding the gelding, named Merlin, stuck fast. Animal rescue specialist Jim Green attended and […]

At just a hair over 17 inches tall, the miniature horse is more inclined to walk under fences than jump them. And her owners have sheltered the mare from ever gaining “circus-sideshow” or “one-trick-pony” status. As the world’s smallest horse, 5-year-old Thumbelina, weighing in at 57 pounds, has a bigger mission: to raise $1 million […]

A pregnant bottlenose dolphin is deaf and cannot be released into the ocean. The dolphin, Castaway, stranded off Vero Beach in November, but was deemed healthy enough for release Jan. 30, after convalescing at the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota. But instead of swimming offshore, she returned to the beach three times and was transported […]

As hundreds of fans collect for the annual Eckert Crane Festival this weekend in southwestern Colorado, birdwatchers have spotted a lone crane they believe could be Baby, the species-confused sandhill crane, flying above and sitting along the Fruitgrowers Reservoir where she was set free Monday. If the bird is Baby, there’s good news: Rather than […]

Gulf Coast Woman’s Club recently sponsored a Canine Companions for Independence training class for puppy socializers. Marietta Birdsell, CCI State Chairman from Crestview did the training for 12 attendees. There were three puppy raisers and four CCI dogs in training. These dogs were utilized for demonstration purposes. The training program allows the attendees to go […]

The entrance to Lynne Repsik’s Harleysville home probably looked like Christmas morning to Trixie‚ Repsik’s 13-year-old dachshund. A large bag of dog food stood behind boxes full of dog biscuits‚ canned food‚ toys‚ blankets and other pet items. However‚ sadly for Trixie‚ these items aren’t for her. They are only a portion of the items […]

Kate Woollett trains assistance dogs in Central Queensland. Assistance dogs help their owners with those everyday jobs which are made more complicated by a disability or illness. Kate finds her own assistance dog, a black Labrador called Banjo, an invaluable part of her life. “From day one you never growl at the dog,” Kate explained. […]

On either side of a viewing ramp, the pens at the Central Oregon Livestock Auction are a slow-moving sea of lumbering cattle. In a nearby enclosure, a lonely mare attracts the attention of Chris Buller and four of his young Rez Riders. They peer over the railing at what looks to be a healthy and […]

Most people cannot escape the magical images conjured up by a wolf’s howl. Here in the mountains of New Mexico it’s a common sound, and anyone who has seen “Dances With Wolves” can feel the Native American spirit associated with them. A road trip to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is not only a chance […]




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