Police in Sanford stumbled onto an unusual case Friday morning.

Officers were on the trail of a bovine bandit, WESH 2 News reported.

Whether it was on the hunt for a midnight snack or just plain bored, the restless cow was on the move in Seminole County.

It began around midnight, when the cow somehow got outside a fence at state Road 46 and Richmond Avenue. It wandered into the road and into the path of a driver.

“I just didn’t want to hit him, you know. I was more worried about the cow than I was my truck. No reason to hurt something innocent, you know,” Neil Roberts said.

Roberts notified two Sanford police officers, who were at the scene of a carjacking down the road.

“It could be deadly. I mean a cow is an animal, it’s huge, a lot of mass, a lot of weight there. It could be deadly if a car were to hit a cow,” Sanford Police Department Sgt. Dave Morgenstern said.

The officers worked with a Seminole County sheriff’s deputy to get the cow back inside the fence, and it wasn’t long until the cow came home.