A dairy cow nearly upstaged Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart on Friday.

Navajo Elementary School pupils snared a visit from Leinart, the grand prize from a statewide breakfast contest sponsored by the Dairy Council of Arizona.

But it was Daisy the Dairy Cow that caused a mob scene among pupils minutes before Leinart’s appearance.

Leinart, a 2004 Heisman Trophy winner, spoke to about 80 pupils about the importance of nutrition and healthful eating.

He also answered questions, revealing that he drank at least three glasses of milk daily as a child and that he used to be a Raiders fan, but “I don’t like them anymore,” he said.

One student asked what Leinart liked to do for fun.

“I’m learning to play the piano,” he said.

But Leinart garnered the most cheers after sharing that he loved playing video games.

Lily Avalos, 8, sat with a group of shrieking and giggling girls on one side of the cafeteria.

“I really like football,” Lily said afterward. She’s a Cardinals fan and even knew that Leinart grew up in Santa Ana, Calif.

Lily had Leinart autograph her arm in permanent marker.

“Most of my friends thought he was cute,” she said. “I guess they’re right.”