A couple living in Cumberland County reunited with their lost cat. The cat escaped in the car accident they had..

Jonathan Dennington and and Rachel Dennington, the owners, were living in Parkton when the accident happened, in June.

They were going back homeafter a visit to Goldsboro when another car, driven by a teenager of 17 yrs old, Cassie Carter, crossed the middle lane and collided head-on into the the couple’s Ford Escape.

All three of them were taken to UNC Hospitals located in Chapel Hill.

Jonathan Dennington was unconscious for the next three weeks.

“They didn’t know if I was going to have full function of my brain, if I was gonna be able to walk again,” Jonathan Dennington said.

He was able to go back home on July 25.

Rachel, on her side, spent more than 4 months in the hospital and recently got out of a wheelchair.

The Dennington’s children – Heather, 10; Sebastian, 6; and Garrett, 4 – were not, fortunately, in the car that day, but the cat of the family, Jerry, and dog, Daisy, were…

“Our pets were never just pets,” Rachel Dennington said. “They have personalities. They’re loved.”

Sylvia Mintz lives along U.S. Highway close to Fayetteville, not far from where the accident happened. That Summer, she saw that her own cat, Chloe, had a new companion.

“I just thought that it was a stray because we have them occasionally,” Mrs Mintz said.

Sylvia also said that she never encouraged the cat to stay and often tried to send him away. The cat got into a routine of running and hiding whenever Mintz appeared. But the week before Thanksgiving, the cat, this time, did not run away.

“It was just sitting on the porch and it just kind of let out this long meow, like it was trying to tell me something,” Mintz said.

With the help of Bill Kirby,Fayetteville Observer newspaper columnist, the Mintzs tracked down the Denningtons, who have been living now with Jonathan’s parents in Goldsboro since the accident.

On Saturday, the Mintzs reunited Jerry with the Denningtons.

“I bawled,” Rachel Dennington said. “They let me pull him out of the cat carrier and I just cried.”

Mintz and her collegues at Sandhills Direct Care have generously offered to sponsor the Denningtons this Christmas.

The Denningtons said they can only hope now that their brown, white and black beagle, named Daisy, found a good, safe and loving home where she is loved and cared for.