Lamont Rhodes, 11, and his friend Bradley Price, 10, both from Bedford Heights, were walking when they heard meows of a cat in distress. After a bit of searching they were able to locate the source of the sound.

Looking inside a storm sewer they noticed a kitten was sort of stuck.

As fast as they could they ran to the home of a couple of cat-loving neighbors; Paul and Holly Reulbach.

Holly called the fire department.

The city’s finest in the shapes of Steve Wloszek, Bob Wilson and Brian Lee arrived on the scene. Trying to get the cat was difficult: it moved farther and farther away.

Wilson and Lee then held Wloszek upside down in the sewer basin so he could catch the cat!

“All of Bedford Heights can be proud of our fire department.

They dared to be different. They dared to make this problem into their problem and because of that a little animal was saved.

Imagine how these three men stood tall to aid a defenseless animal. They showed compassion and imagine what lengths they will go to for this city’s human residents if they went so far for a kitten.”
Harvey Brown, councilman

Still, even then the cat wouldn’t want to be caught. So the firemen moved down the street where they opened a manhole and poured water inside. The stream of water washed the kitten right out of the drain into the hands of the waiting fireman!

The cat saved the story is still not done! The homeless kitten was brought to the headquaters of the Sun News newspaper in Valley View. Showing the kitten’s photo in the newspaper didn’t bring forward any owners but that wasn’t a problem: the kitten was a huge hit with the readers.

Anna Katuscak, display advertising at the newspaper, has taken the kitten for a moment… and never let go. The kitten now lives with her 13 year old cat.

The name given to the kitten?

Well, Lucky, of course!