Mason Buddy from Wonderland Auto found the customer’s comments about the strange purring noise the Toyota made during a test drive odd, to say the least.

Handy with cars, obviously, he popped the hood to investigate.

The source of the purring engine problem was immediately clear: he found a tiny, thin and by now very scared kitten.

It’s not only a mystery how Zoey got to be in the car; it’s also a mystery how she survived not one but two test drives in the car!

The next day, the kitten, now known as Zoey, was off to Atlantic Veterinary, where Dr. Leslie Siewko saw her. After giving Zoey a thorough “tune up,” Dr. Siewko called her brother, who had a playful but lonely 5-month-old kitten and recommended that Zoey might make a great companion.

The two are now big friends.