A cat is heading back home to St. Louis after he was found 700 miles away and missing for more than five years.

Some animal lovers tell News 4 that they are scratching their heads about this mystery trip.

Tracie Quackenbush found a long haired white cat in a tree and rescued him five years ago.

Quackenbush brought him into the Open Door Animal Sanctuary in Jefferson County where the cat, Hercules spent three months before he got adopted.

Quackenbush and animal leaders at the Open Door Animal Sanctuary thought Hercules was still with his adopted family until they found out the cat was in Fort Worth, Texas.

Thanks to a micro chip shelter leaders put in Hercules, animal lovers in Texas were able to track back to the shelter.

Apparently, the adopted family lost the cat, and never reported him missing.

Quackenbush is not sure what her furry friend’s been up to, but she says they’re welcoming him home with open arms.