A Valley cat can surely cross off one of its nine lives after being trapped next to a car’s engine and taken around town Friday.The cat was picked up by a driver who spotted it on Loop 101 near McDowell Road and thought it had been fatally hit by a car.

The cat, however, turned out to be alive. The driver brought it to an animal shelter.

The cat’s injuries suggest it was most likely trapped in the engine of a vehicle, and after traveling for an unknown distance and time, fell out of the compartment and into traffic, said Kimberly Noetzel of the Arizona Humane Society.

Despite a large burn on its side, the cat is expected to be fine. It’s male, about 8 years old and friendly. Humane Society staff think it’s a pet, although there was no identification

It is about 8 years old and friendly, leaving the Human Society to believe it is someone’s pet.