KINGSTON – A stray 6-week-old calico kitten who accidentally traveled from New Jersey to New Hampshire has been adopted.

When C.G. Shaffer of Raymond saw a newspaper article about the kitten’s journey up the East Coast in the underbelly of a Ford Explorer, she called the Kingston Police Department the same day.

Shaffer was one of about 75 calls inquiring about adopting the kitten, who the animal control officer had named “Jersey.” The frail female climbed into the spare tire compartment of a Ford Explorer and couldn’t find her way out, according to Chief Donald Briggs.

The kitten traveled in the compartment for nearly six hours and more than 300 miles Sept. 13. The elderly couple who owned the Explorer heard “meows” but couldn’t place where the sound was coming from. The couple stopped to eat in Connecticut, where they heard the crying again. The husband and wife kept driving and finally stopped in New Hampshire at Reynolds Trailers in Kingston, off Route 125, where they discovered the origin of the noise.

With the help of Reynolds Trailers’ employees, the Kingston animal control officer moved the spare tire down, carefully reached up and got the cat.

The animal control office did a background search on Shaffer to make sure she would be a good caretaker.

“They are very cautious before handing over an animal,” Shaffer said.

She received the call Thursday that the kitten was ready to be picked up.

“I won the prize,” she said.

The newly renamed “Phoenix” joins two dogs and another cat at the Shaffer home.