After picking up her paycheck from Allen’s Cleaning Service, Donna Brown got into her 2001 blue Pontiac Grand Am at 11 a.m. on Friday and began to drive her husband, Albert, to an auto parts store.

Albert, who lives with his wife, their daughter, LeEssa, and his wife’s mother, on Niles School Road in Pownal, repairs Chevrolet trucks at his house for a living, often to the tune of AC/DC. On Friday he needed to pick up a new part, a grinding cut off wheel disc, to fix one of his trucks. On Kocher Drive, near Kmart in Bennington, he also got a new best friend along the way.

“I saw something in the road but thought it was a paper cup or something,” Donna, 47, said Friday. “So I swerved to avoid it, but then I saw it crawling and thought it was a ferret or something. It wasn’t until I was right up next to it that I could see what it was.”

The car came to a screeching halt.

“Get it! Get it!” Donna remembered screaming at her husband who was reading a car magazine in the back seat.

“Get what?” Albert replied, unaware of the situation.

“The kitten! There’s a kitten in the road!” Donna screamed to the back seat.

“At that point, I whip open my door, jump out of the car, and run to the little guy as fast as I can while looking around to make sure I don’t get hit,” Albert, 39, said Friday in his living room, holding the still frightened fuzzy feline to his chest hours later. “I scoop him up in my arms, and people start yelling, ‘What are you going to do with him?’ and I knew right away that I was going to take it home with us.”

Witnessing motorists got out of their cars and applauded the proud new owner of what appears to be a 4-week-old, blue-eyed, Siamese kitten, with a long hair mix, according to Albert.

“At first I didn’t know if it had gotten hit or anything, he was meowing like crazy,” he said, “but he’s been running around the house all afternoon.”

On the car ride home, with the little white-and-gray haired kitten still shaking in his arms, Albert decided to name it Lucky Number Seven: Lucky that Albert and Donna found him and the seventh addition to the Brown’s cat family. Taz, Missy, Tigger, Chevy, Molly and Garfield now have a new little brother, Albert said, the last two also being unexpected surprises from his mother.

“He’s definitely going to have a real good home,” he said. “Our other cats have seen him and they like him.”

Albert could not believe someone left the kitten to fend for itself in heavy traffic. “Leaving a cat anywhere is senseless, but in the middle of the street like that, it’s totally crazy,” he said. “It’s like leaving a new born baby that’s completely defenseless. I don’t know how anybody could do that. I really don’t understand.”

Anyone hoping to find their own pet on Kocher Drive, a road Albert said he drives on everyday, better think again. Albert said he went back and combed the entire area on foot to make sure no other kitten was abandoned.

Getting Lucky Number Seven is also out of the question. “If I leave here without this kitten, my wife’s going to kill me,” Albert told a group of interested people.

Next up for the little guy is a trip to the veterinarian, Albert said. He said Monday that it is doing very well and has moved on from only drinking milk off Donna’s fingertips.

“He’s eating very well,” he said. “He’s playing, and, oh, he’s a little devil.”