Two Rottweilers and a cat in the same room is hardly a recipe for a happy home.

But Sky and her tiny charges are a proud mum and pups with a difference. For this almost unidentifiable bundle of fur is a rather special family unit and is set to take many people by surprise.

A litter of six puppies were rejected by their mum Roxy straight after being born on Monday, leaving them in a precarious position.

Owner David Page quickly made the decision to do what he could to save the lives of the tiny pups.

“They were born at my property in Haddiscoe near Beccles and the mum instantly refused to look after them for whatever reason, I think she may have been stressed by the birth,” said Mr Page.

“I was worried of course, so I dried the puppies off and put them in my car, got them under the heater and drove them back to North Walsham, where I live.

“I was really hoping for the best, I took them to the vets where they had a good look and got them on antibiotics. We have lost several of them to pneumonia unfortunately.

“When I got home I sat down to have a think about what to do next and decided to have a go with Sky.

“I put the four which were still alive at that stage in her box very gently, one by one alongside the kittens Sky has also got with her at the moment – just to see what happened.

“They snuggled into her straight away.”

Mr Page is feeding the puppies on a combination of Sky’s milk and special puppy formula milk from the vet. Now two more of the puppies have died, but the future of those which remain looks to be in good paws.

“It is very much fingers crossed now, but they all seem happy and it’s going well,” said Mr Page.

“Obviously it’s very unusual, people always talk about how ‘they fight like cat and dog’, but in this case I’m hoping they will grow up to be the best of friends.

“I am intending to keep them all and I imagine when they are all older they will all get on very well.”

And Mr Page’s wife Joanne said: “We will be trying to get some milk from Roxy as well, as it will help the pups build up their resistance to illness.

“But we can’t leave them together, we will just have to do our best.”

The situation has at least one exact precedent, with an almost identical case in America reported earlier in the year.

In February it was reported that in Connecticut workers at an animal charity used a cat which had recently had kittens to adopt a six-day-old Rottweiler puppy that was rejected by its mother.

The puppy, named Charlie, was nursed alongside a number of kittens born to a cat called Satin.