A Brit driver alarmed over the unusual sound his car’s engine was making was stunned when he found that the reason for the noise was a kitten.

According to the BBC, the kitten had climbed inside the engine but had been unable to come out.

61-year old Victor Gallacher, drove his range rover around for several miles across the city before realising that his engine was making a strange noise.

When Gallacher pulled his car over and popped the hood to see what was making the noise, he found that the culprit was a terrified kitten.

“There was suddenly a terribly loud noise so I stopped and looked under the car and could not see anything. Then I looked in the engine and there was a kitten under the battery. When I looked again it had moved to the fan belt. It was terrified,” Ananova quoted him, as telling the BBC.

“So I grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and put it in an empty box I had and sat it in the front seat with me. It did not seem to be hurt.

“The kitten was taken for a check-up and seemed to be okay. It’s impossible to say where it got into the car. It could have been the end of it, but thankfully it survived,” he added.

Scottish SPCA ambulance driver Marion Lamont added that the kitten was extremely lucky to escape harm.

“He was a very very lucky kitten. He was very shaken but unhurt – he was a bit oily on his face, ears and chin,” Lamont said.

The kitten is being now cared for at Mrs Murray’s Home for Stray Dogs and Cats and Re-homing Centre in Aberdeen’s Seaton area.