She was baffled by the strange noise coming from the hood of her car. Was it time for a tune-up? Was it serious? Was it – no really, could it be . . . a car bomb?

Nope, it was just her cat, Mr. Pink.

A flexible South Philly feline maneuvered its way into a car’s engine compartment Thursday and succeeded in scaring the devil out of its owner.

“It freaked me out. In this day and age it could’ve been anything,” said the woman, who, embarrassed, would give her name only as “Lynn.”

It’s a kitty tale that gets told with some frequency. But 14-year-old Mr. Pink took a serious jaunt: from down in South Philly to the Mann Music Center in Fairmount Park.

And then there were the bizarre sounds coming from the car, which had Mr. Pink’s owner thinking that maybe someone had planted something in her car.

After parking her car at the Mann, the South Philly resident wasted no time getting out of it.

When she glanced back, after sprinting several feet, she saw Mr. Pink wriggle his way out from under the front of her car and saunter off.

The woman admitted her cat had been missing since that morning, but she hadn’t been too concerned.

“He’s been known to wander off,” she said.

As to the sounds, “it didn’t cross my mind that it was Mr. Pink,” she said.

The cat wasn’t seriously hurt while huddled under the hood, but he scraped all four paws and scratched his left front leg, she said.

The owner described Mr. Pink as slightly traumatized, but calm. Since the ordeal, he’s had feline visitors come by to see him, she said.

Still feeling “dopey” from the pain medication he was prescribed, Mr. Pink has just been lounging around, Lynn said.

She doesn’t think her pet will be wandering around for some time.

“That was an adventure he hadn’t planned on,” she said. *