A CURIOUS kitten was rescued by firefighters after it climbed intoatoilet and got stuck after squeezing through the U-bend.

Its owners are thought to have heard a splash and a cry and raced into the bathroom of their home in Cotham, Bristol, to look for theireight-week-old pet.

They soon realised their daredevil cat had not only jumped into the toilet bowl but had then tried to see what lurked beyond the U-bend.

The cat got stuck soon after negotiating the obstacle and called for help.

The adventure was not quite over though, as its worried owners failed to dislodge the trapped kitten and ended up ringing 999.

A fire crew arrived a short time later and removed the toilet and freed the cat, which was uninjured despite being a little wet.

An Avon fire and rescue spokeswoman said: “Wereceived a call at 11.18pm last night that an eight-week old kitten had got trapped insidea toilet.

“It had got past the U-bend and its owners couldn’t get it out. Firefighters removed the toilet and handed the cat back to its gratefulowners. You could say the cat’s used up one of its nine lives now.”