After a series of wildlife rescues that included two swans, one hawk, one vulture and even a false alarm with a plastic duck, coming to the aid of a trapped kitten may have seemed back to normal for the Warwick Valley Humane Society.

Chim-chiminey, a tiny gray and white male kitten, was only three weeks old when he recently found himself stuck inside the wall of a chimney in a condo at Warwick Meadows.

After hearing numerous “meows” coming from her fireplace, the condo owner contacted the Warwick Police Department. The police then called Animal Control and when Suzyn Barron, president of the Warwick Valley Humane Society and frequent animal rescuer, arrived, she could hear the kitten screaming but could not see him.

“I asked the police to contact the Fire Department for help,” said Barron, “and sure enough, they came out right away.”

By employing a heat sensor, the firefighters soon found the kitten in the wall next to the fireplace. And, with the owner’s permission, which Barron said was freely given, the firefighters made a hole in the side of the fireplace. As soon as the insulation was removed the kitten reacted faster than anyone expected and leapt to freedom into the waiting hands of Warwick Firefighter, Lt. Steve Acciarito.

“It was a great save,” said Barron. “Chim-chiminey came out screaming and didn’t stop all night.”

She took the kitten in for the night and reports that he eventually calmed down when he realized he was safe and sound.

“We never could have gotten to the kitten without the help of the Fire Department,” said Barron. “They deserve all the credit and we can’t thank them enough for rescuing this little kitten and for coming to our rescue as well.”