Salem probably doesn’t have many of his nine lives left.

Salem, a 7-year-old black cat with spooky green eyes, survived a 75-day ordeal and recently was reunited with his owners, Jon and Kathryn Snowden of Franklin.

After Salem ran away on March 31 — a common occurrence — they expected him to return the next morning, either sitting in the front window or on the porch of their home on Ohio 123.

Instead, Salem was on the loose, beginning his odyssey.

The Snowdens put up fliers, notified their veterinarian and called the Warren County Humane Society.

Days passed. No Salem sighting.

“We gave up,” said Kathryn, 26.

“It didn’t look good,” said Jon, 26.

Weeks after he ran away, Salem was found in the Franklin area, wearing no identification.

He was dropped off at the humane society. There, his name was changed to Elvis, and soon he — I can’t resist — had left the building.

The shelter updated Elvis’ shots and placed a microchip near his shoulder.

He was taken to PetSmart in Deerfield Twp., in the middle of May, and adopted by a Morrow couple, who owned seven cats.

They changed his name from Salem/Elvis to Ralph. After about a month, they noticed Ralph missed his owners and, since he wasn’t accustomed to other cats, remained isolated.

So they placed “Found Cat” posters around the Franklin area, and one day, the Snowdens’ neighbor noticed the flier in a gas station near Interstate 75 and Ohio 123.

Kathryn called the woman and described Salem, how he liked to place his paws around your neck, drink water from the bathroom sink, and how was thin, had a few white hairs and his tail hocked.

After hearing the description, the woman said, “It’s him.”

Well, except the thin part. This cat was, well, fat.

Salem/Elvis/Ralph, or whatever his name was, had gained 10 pounds because of the medication, his diet and inactivity. Living three lives can do that to a cat.

When Kathryn was reunited with Salem and notified he resembled Elvis in a white jumpsuit, she said, “That can’t be my cat.”

Then Salem ran to Kathryn. Salem was back home.

“We were all meant to be together,” Kathryn said.

“This all seems crazy,” Jon said.

But so does the Snowden relationship. They met as students at Franklin High School. She tutored him in 10th-grade math, and the following year, their first date was at Homecoming.

They just celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary with a weekend at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky.

And with Salem safely home, there was no need for presents.