For Smitty the cat, Monday night was exciting, terrifying and unusual. Warren Animal Control Officer Heidi Garrity found the animal on a roof next to Warren Town Hall, and with the help of the Warren Fire Department, Smitty, formerly known at the Warren Animal Shelter as “Cookie Dough,” was rescued.

“There were some dogs in the parking lot barking beforehand,” Ms. Garrity said. “I don’t know how he got up there. He must have been chased up the tree. That’s the only way I could figure he got up there.”

At around 6:30 p.m., Ms. Garrity was walking into the Warren police station when a call came in about a cat atop a home directly next to town hall. Ms. Garrity ran across the parking lot to her truck, got some dried cat food, and began tossing it at the orange cat who was lying in a gutter on the roof. It was a tough reach, though, as the cat was at least 20 feet away.

After tracking down a volunteer fireman, Ms. Garrity was able to climb onto the town hall fire escape in an attempt to lure the cat over to her by throwing more food, this time tuna.

Below, onlookers watched as Smitty lay in the gutter meowing. Curiosity seekers included Warren Planning Board members and town officials on their way to a meeting.

“What’s going on?” was the common question they all asked, but they kept moving figuring the cat would get down on his own.

Unfortunately, he didn’t.

Ms. Garrity could not get Smitty to move, so she called in the big guns. Around 7:30 p.m., Warren’s ladder truck showed up and volunteer firemen Nick Garakop scaled the roof and rescued the cat. Ms. Garrity said Smitty had no injuries, and his owner, Damien Gemma, was relieved to have him on the ground.

Fire volunteers “pulled up right in front of the house and got the cat and handed him off to me [on the fire escape],” said Ms. Garrity. “I went through the town hall with him and gave him back to the owner who agreed to have his nails clipped for me. He had a real good grip on me.”

“Oh he was just fine,” Ms. Garrity said.

Warren Fire Chief Al Galinelli said most town fire departments don’t rescue cats out of trees or off roofs, but Warren still does.

“I know the old theory ‘You never see a cat skeleton in a tree,’ but when you have a young child crying and looking up at his cat, you want to get it for him.”