Told that she was not old enough to volunteer at a local shelter, animal lover Molly Knox and her parents devised a unique way to help kittens in trouble.

They collected socks donated by family and friends, filled them with catnip, sealed them with hot glue and attached ribbon to create toys for the felines.

“Originally, we would send boxes of 10 to shelters in New Jersey and receive kind letters in return,” says Molly’s mother, Jenny Knox.

“But soon, people started requesting that she set up tables at various fairs and auctions,” Knox said. “We were surprised because she is so young.”

Six-year-old Molly began to sell Molly Knox Pet Socks at local events, donating the money she earned to animal rescue organizations and shelters.

Her fundraising also allowed for the purchase of four sets of animal oxygen masks for the local fire company.

Recently, Molly won the grand prize for her age group in the American Humane Association’s Be Kind to Animals Kid Contest.

“The Be Kind to Animals Kid Contest highlights those special kids across the nation doing good works for animals every day,” said association spokeswoman Kelley Weir.”Molly set herself apart with her enthusiasm, dedication and her one-of-a-kind idea. Despite her young age, she found a way to work hands-on with the animals she loves.”

And she does love them.

Currently, Molly and her family have a dog, a cat, a rabbit, two gerbils, a turtle, a hamster and a parakeet. She’s also on a mission to adopt her own kitten.