After nine years, Stephanie Fulkerson, of Otis Orchard, Washington, was reunited with her missing cat. She received the unexpected and exciting call recently from SpokAnimal C.A.R.E., where her cat Rusty was waiting for her.

Years earlier she had Rusty implanted with an identifying chip, so once he was found in the wild near Felts Field, out of Millwood, the chip brought him back to her. After living in the wild, he was a bit scratched up, and he suffered from ear mites and weight loss, but after being treated at the vet, he should be back to good health.

Fulkerson reports that he’s doing well: “He’ll eat a whole can of cat food” at a single meal, and he has been sleeping a lot, plus “he rubs and snuggles and follows me around.”

Fulkerson got him from a shelter 11 years ago and named him Rusty for the part of his fur that was brown. He disappeared nine years ago, around the same time many other neighborhood cats went missing, and Fulkerson feared someone had taken him.

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