On April 26, Minden dog breeders June Holland and Doris Burke got quite the shock when their great dane gave birth to 16 puppies.

Zora was scheduled to give birth to nine pups sometime in May but surprised her owners with almost double the number of offspring.

The expected mother went into labour at 6 p.m. and had her last pup at 6 a.m. Zora has nine black females, two black males, two brindle males and three blue girls to call her own.

“Everyone asks how many puppies we lost, and we haven’t lost one,” said Burke.

It’s a miracle all of Zora’s puppies survived. Zora has taken to motherhood well, tending to all her young ones at all times.

“This is really rare that they all survived. Over 900 people have visited our website,” said Holland.

Mom and dad, Bronson, are happy and healthy tending to their new children