By: Lorrie Shaw

Lorrie is a very interesting pet blogger!
Here is one of her entries:

“On Monday, I started service for two clients of mine, who I’ve had for a couple of years now. Their Mama went out of town for a few days and I am fortunate enough to care for two sweet cats for the duration. I’ll typically see them at least 4-5 times per year, in differing lengths of time.
Pierre – a big, grey domestic shorthair with seafoam green eyes a handsome white patch on his chest… very distinguished looking and a jovial disposition. He’s a straightforward kind of fella, he loves my attention and has a purposeful swagger. No beating around the bush for him!
Miles, now he has a tendency to be more subdued – which isn’t unusual for kitties, especially when their people are away. Shiny, jet black hair, long whiskers and gorgeous golden eyes, he has a calm sweetness to him. For the first year or so after I came into their life, Miles would hide under the bed and peer out cautiously when I would come for their daily visit. I would have to crawl on the floor on my belly and raise the bedskirt to get a look at him. His owner noted that he is very shy around others and not to be too concerned, as long as he looked well.
I’m always careful with the energy that I give off, the intonation of my voice and even the way that I walk around the house. Cats especially are sensitive to the actions belonging to those outside of their ‘circle’ when their space is invaded, and Miles was no exception. I unsuccessfully tried bribing him with sweet talk, treats, promises of belly rubs and ear scratches. On the phone one day with his owner for a daily check-in while she was away, she suggested showing him his brush. “He loves getting brushed! I am willing to bet that he’ll come out and stick to you like glue if you show him that you’ve got his brush.”…

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