A Siamese cat is lucky to be alive after getting stuck in a fan belt.

Coco apparently climbed into the car to seek shelter from the cold. She had no time to react when the owner turned the ignition.

“We got a call from the Charleston area, and someone had heard this racket,” said Bill Tanguay, of the Animal Rescue League. “It sounded like an animal in some kind of distress… opened up the hood and found Coco in there.”

“She’d been injured by the fan belt and moving parts of the engine,” Dr. Martha Smith, Director of Medical Services with the Animal Rescue League of Boston, said. “She was terribly ripped up. The moving parts of the car caused the skin to twist around the body, kind of like an Indian burn, so she has some terrible lacerations.”

Coco had also been limping on a broken leg for upwards of three weeks.

Emergency surgery helped her keep her remaining eight lives, but the mystery of where she came from remains.

A microchip implanted by some previous pet owners showed she once lived in Iowa.

“The information never got registered to the owner. So, we can’t track them down,” said Dr. Smith. “Coco is doing phenomenally, safely say she’s out of the woods.”