She outlasted two thunderstorms, half a dozen firemen and her very worried owner, but now, we’re happy to report the “Echo” in Minden can finally be held and not just heard.

Echo is the cat that stayed in a tree for 13 days. That’s the longest anyone here has ever experienced. Sandra Byerly has never held Echo tighter than she is right now. And who can blame her.

For nearly two weeks, Byerly couldn’t get Echo to come down from a 70-foot pine tree in the backyard. Echo spent 13-days in the tree. Byerly and her family tried everything to get her down from hanging tuna in the tree to shaking the tree. Minden firefighters even tried, but there was just no getting to Echo. It was Saturday when the very exhausted cat finally just lost her footing. Echo didn’t actually fall completely out of the tree. She fell to a lower branch. Family members retrieved her with a ladder.

Byerly says the first thing Echo did was eat. And she needed it. She had lost a considerable amount of weight. Byerly says Echo’s vet gave her a clean bill of health Monday morning. Echo isn’t allowed outside the house any more and we can certainly understand why.