By Sharon L. Peters

You might imagine that a little shelter already filled to the rafters with discarded dogs and cats wouldn’t exactly launch itself into code-blue alert to save a long-shot homeless cat.
You’d be wrong.

This is the story of a skinny, scraggly, half-frozen cat picked up by animal control during a nasty snowstorm recently at what appeared to be the last seconds of his ninth life. This is the story of what transpired in the critical hours afterward at the little shelter where he was taken.

I happen to know this story because it occurred at the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter where I’m a volunteer dog walker. I also happen to know that it’s the sort of thing that happens regularly in really good shelters all over the country.

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So it’s a Friday morning, frigid and icy, after an overnight storm dumped a foot or more of snow. Animal control receives a call about a cat that may or may not be alive under a deck. The officer arrives, finds the cat is still living but just barely, and transports it over treacherous roads to the shelter.

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