Public works employees last week were credited with saving the life of a kitten that was caught in a storm drain.

Thomas Nicholls, public works director, said a pedestrian heard the cries of the kitten on 82nd Avenue near 50th Street at about 4 p.m. She called firefighters, who just happened to be at Station No. 33 just across the street. They called public works.

“It was stuck in a drain culvert that was about 6 feet deep,” Nicholls said.

Two foremen, Robert Grund and Russ Schibler, and Dave Matteson, a technician, responded. After lifting a manhole cover they discovered the kitten in the culvert. Schibler jumped in and rescued the kitten that was scared, but otherwise unhurt.

The cat immediately was adopted on the spot by a woman who witnessed the entire incident.