In Melbourne, Dalton Rd residents had been left baffled when underwear left hanging on clothes lines and left in laundry baskets began to vanish, prompting the idea of a pervert prowling the neighborhood.
But it was a cat, named Cisco who had been jumping over fences to get his paws on clothes including socks, swimmers, shirts, dresses and even dolls!

People were wondering where their things were getting to and they soon found out: the blue-eyed cat also stole other objects left in gardens: gloves, a pin cushion and kid’s toys.

A Cat psychic, Scott King, added: “The cat is an animal that teaches us to get in touch with our creative self. The fact that Mr Hand’s cat is stealing possessions, particularly underwear, is a sign that it’s time for him to start listening to his dreams.”

A theory that is a nice discussion starter, don’t you think?