Ask your feathered friends over to dine this winter.

Birds are easy guests. Set the table with a feeder full of seed at a place in your yard where you can watch from a window. Finish off the table setting with a birdbath full of water nearby.

Before too long, the birds will recognize your hospitality and know they have dinner reservations at your home whenever they show up. In turn, they will be your season tickets to a winter-long show.

Reading at the table is not rude when you ask the birds to dinner. Keep a bird identification book nearby and you will begin to know who your guests are as time goes by. “Birds of Virginia Field Guide” is a good for beginners and children because the birds are grouped by color. If you see a bird that is red, you look under red birds in the book. It’s as simple as that.

Since they always add some color to the day when the weather is dreary, we have prepared some tips for you, the host, to make sure your dinner is for the birds. We also have come up with a list of 10 common yard birds you are apt to see this winter, along with a few unusual visitors