Volunteers with Pacific Wildlife Care report that they have found a permanent home for a visually impaired golden eagle they have been rehabilitating for several months.

Zoo to You, a conservation educational organization based in Paso Robles, will pick up the bird today.

It will be used in the group’s educational outreach programs, said Kelly Vandenheuvel, who has been caring for the eagle at her Cayucos ranch.

The female eagle was found near Santa Margarita Lake. It had flown into something hard enough to detach its retina and cause brain damage.

That eagle is one of three the group has been rehabilitating since August. One has already been released, and another is scheduled for release in several weeks, pending a veterinarian’s approval.

Since a story about the eagles appeared in The Tribune on Oct. 12, the wildlife rehabilitation group has received $1,200 in donations to help feed the eagles, Vandenheuvel said. It costs as much as $15 a day to purchase the mice and rats that each eagle eats.

“We spent more on raptor food this year than we ever have before in previous years,” she said, “so these donations will help to pay for some of that expense.”