The bald eagle rescued by two brothers near the Michigan-Ohio border on Good Friday will be taken to a veterinarian’s office on Thursday night to have the pins removed from its broken wing.

“If everything goes right, the pins will come out Thursday,” said Dave Hogan, a bird rehabilitation expert who is taking care of the eagle at his home in Monroe County. “I think the wing will be just fine.”

But the eagle continues to have problems with his wrist. It could be arthritis. “That wrist is tightening up on him,” Hogan said Monday morning. “With physical therapy, we can get it stretched out. Every time we go to do it, it’s pretty frozen up again.”

After the pins are removed, the eagle will go through extensive rehabilitation. “After he gets out and is moving around every day, that will help,” Hogan said.

The injured wrist could keep the bird from being released into the wild. If the eagle is not released into the wild, it will be given to a zoo or used for education.

The Free Press wrote about the eagle after it was rescued April 6 by Jon and Joe Barbara, who spotted the injured bird by a railroad track, in a thicket of woods, near Monroe. It wasn’t able to fly.