A second bird has been found in the Gulf of Mexico oil slick and is recovering at a bird rescue center in Louisiana, a wildlife official said Tuesday.

A brown pelican was being cared for along with a northern gannet found four days ago, National Wildlife Federation president and CEO Larry Schweiger said. The brown pelican is Louisiana’s state bird.

“Both are in an isolation recovery area so they can preen and get themselves back in flying condition,” Schweiger said.

He said the bird was picked up by a commercial boat working with the oil spill cleanup, though he didn’t know just when or where.

There’s no way to know how many birds have been oiled because the slick is so big and so far offshore, Schweiger said.

“When you have a big oil slick like that and you have birds that hit the water for various reasons, there’s always a chance of birds being oiled and unable to fly,” he said. “We’re talking about a pretty large area.”

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