BIRD-LOVER Robert Knox is in a right flap after his beloved red-tailed buzzard made a bolt for freedom.

The hefty bird of prey, named Inca, streaked into the sky after being scared by a motorbike near Welham Green woods last Sunday.

And even though his feathery friend has been spotted a few times over the last 10 days, Robert has so far been unable to entice him out of the treetops.

Now he is calling on eagle-eyed WHT readers to help him find his pet.

The 37-year-old, from Garden Avenue, Hatfield, said: “My legs have been aching like hell because I’ve been walking everywhere, asking people if they’ve seen him.

“I’ve got attached to him. He’s been coming out with me every day since I got him five weeks ago. It’s quite distressing.”

He said he had been out training Inca with a falconry glove when the bird got tangled in his leash.

Robert unclipped the cord to free him but at that moment a young biker came tearing past over the field.

“He must have got scared and just flew straight up into the trees,” said the dad-of-three.

He said Inca should be able to look after himself in the wild but that didn’t stop him worrying.

Robert, who also owns a pair of European eagle owls and two Harris hawks, said: “He should be ok but you can never tell.

“He eats rabbits and pheasants and things. He might actually be doing us a favour taking out some of the rabbits!”

– Red-tailed buzzards are typically 55cm long with a wingspan of around 120cm and weigh in at roughly 1kg.

They make a loud mewing call which sounds like “pee-uuu”, according to the RSPB’s website.