A bird from Indonesia that’s never been seen in Australia before, has turned up in the country’s northern city of Darwin.

Birdwatchers have flown in from around the country to take a look at the rare sight.

A rare Javan Pond Heron has put Australian bird enthusiasts in a bit of a flap. The bird is more at home in the rice paddies of Indonesia than the drains and waterways of Darwin’s northern suburbs. But it’s chosen to settle here for the meantime in this shallow water.

Birdwatcher Mike Carter, who is famous in Australia for his love and knowledge of birds, says the find is very exciting. Students first spotted the bird several weeks ago in a pond on Darwin’s university campus, creating widespread interest in Australia.

Local resident Darryl Binns says he was excited when he first heard about the bird but was worried he may have missed seeing it. Parks and wildlife ranger Matt Gillis just can’t get enough of the avian attraction and has been to see the heron three times.

The unusual visitor is creating a small tourism boom in the city with people flying in from all over Australia. Carter says the bird hasn’t been seen in Australia before now.

The Javan Pond Heron is on the International Union of Conservation of Nature’s list of threatened species and it is not migratory so how and why it ended up in Australia is a bit of a mystery. Carter believes it may have rode in on winds from cyclone George, which hit the state of Northern Territories earlier in March.

For now there’s no danger of the non-indigenous visitor staying in Australia. The bird arrived on its own so unless a mate catches a ride out on another gust of strong wind, it will remain the only free bird of its type in the country.