Posted By Shawn Slaght

The Bow Valley Naturalists will be holding their 35th annual Banff-Canmore Christmas Bird Count on Saturday, Dec. 19.

The bird count is something that is done throughout North America and areas of Central America, northern South America, the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands.

This event started over 100 years ago and this year more than 57,000 volunteers from 2,000 locations are expected to take part in the events.

“All those results are compiled and people can learn not only what other people found in different parts of Alberta but everywhere else that people where counting,” said Bow Valley Naturalists president Mike McIvor.

The results from this event are used to help track bird populations as they respond to climate change.

“It is intended to give a one-day early winter snapshot of the bird populations in any given area,” said McIvor.

The Christmas Bird Count must be done in one 24-hour time period within a designated 24-kilometre diameter.

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