by Dorene Weinstein

It all started with a vegetable garden.

Steve Kiefer didn’t like it. Surrounded by chicken wire and filled with weeds, “It was unsightly,” he says. He offered to pay for landscaping if his wife, Cathy Tunge-Kiefer, would agree to let go of her vegetable garden.

So she did.

They consulted a landscaper, told him what they wanted, and he incorporated their requests into a backyard filled with flowers and wildlife.

More than a decade later, the Kiefers share their backyard with 65 flowerpots, three Shih Tzu dogs and an unknown number of bunnies. The yard also is a bird magnet.

With at least four birdhouses, feeders and a fountain, the secluded spot draws a selection of chickadees, wrens and cardinals.

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