By Linda Goldston

Mercury News
Posted: 02/16/2009 03:48:34 PM PST

San Jose’s favorite love birds are back.

Clara and Carlos, a pair of rare peregrine falcons, once again are soaring in the skies above City Hall, and Clara has been seen in the nesting box the duo used last year to hatch their three babies — girls Cielo and Meyye and a boy named Mercury.

It will be Clara’s third year as a star on FalconCam, a Webcam that makes it possible for people around the world to peek in on the falcon family’s daily life, from courtship and mating to egg laying and hatching, rain or shine, in the nesting box on top of a ledge on the 18th floor of City Hall.

Clara paired off with Carlos last year so this will be his second year in the spotlight.

“We’re quite hopeful,” said Michelle McGurk, spokeswoman for Mayor Chuck Reed. “We saw Clara almost every day last week and people think they have seen Carlos a couple of times.”

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