Bird enthusiasts from around the world are taking a holiday in Australia to catch a glimpse of a bird which seems to have been blown off course.

Cyclone George is being blamed for forcing the Javan pond-heron in the wrong direction which saw it land in Darwin, Australia instead of its native Indonesia.

The arrival of the bird has sparked something of a tourism boom in Darwin and local nature enthusiasts are delighted with their new visitor.

‘Many people have come to see this bird,’ Sheryl Keats from the Northern Territory Field Naturalists told ABC News.

‘They [the bird watchers] are called twitchers. They like to tick off these species and the real keen birders will come.’

Ms Keats pointed out that this is the first time this specific type of bird has been spotted on the Australian mainland and that is why it is causing such a stir.

Locals say that the Javan pond-heron has taken up residence in a drain.